Naomi was on one of our school expeditions to Tanzania this summer she wrote to me yesterday to share her experiences of our leaders in Tanzania…It sounds like they had a fantastic time and a lot of it is due to Vicks and James so a big thank you to the pair of them. I have found a photo of Viks but you need look no further than the cover of the Camps International brochure. Here’s one of James.

James Rose (Expedition Leader)keeping the spirits up at Camp Tanga

Hey, I’m Naomi Walker, In July this year I went to Tanzania on a school expedition and it was honestly incredible! I can’t thank you enough for giving me the opportunity! My experience was life changing and that phrase is used way to often but I honestly believe it was! My team leader(s) were Victoria Gillbard and James Rose! They made the expedition incredible, we had such a brilliant time and the friends I’ve made are those for life! The day before we got to Tanzania, Viks suggested we wrote letters to ourselves of which she would then post to us in a few months, at the time it seem random and almost stupid but I did it anyway after all TIA (this is Africa), today I received that letter and wow, it was incredible! Admittedly I started to cry but to me that just shows the amazing time I had! I wrote about our team, I wrote about the in country staff, I wrote about the projects and mainly I wrote about Vicks! I just thought I should tell you the amazing impact she had on my expedition, I honestly feel as if she helped me through everything and that she made the trip what it was, she puts her heart and soul into Africa and if one person belongs there its her! she was always there for me; as a leader and a friend and so was James! I couldn’t have wished for two better people to be there for us! Thank you so much for the experience, camps international is outstanding!xxxx

Viks doing a little dance