It was tough day at the office but someone had to do it.


Jonny Wilkinson has been busy raising funds for his Foundation and Camps were delighted to contribute a climb to the auction at his London testimonial.  Thanks to a generous donor, I have just returned from a fantastic week in Morocco with a great group of people.

It‰’s a tall order to fly into Moroccan heat, grab a night and a bite in a Marrakech Riad and then head straight out into the Atlas for a 2-day expedition.  We walked for 21 hours out of a total of 32 on the mountain, in temperatures ranging from 36 degrees on the way up to a bracing zero on the summit.

At an altitude of 4,167 metres, Jbel Toubkal is the highest mountain in the Atlas Mountains and North Africa.  We kicked off the climb at 1,700 metres and with the help of a few mules pushed out an impressive pace to the refuge on night one, and subsequently up to the summit through the early hours of the following morning.

Always a feeling of elation at the summit followed by the realisation that it‰’s only the half way point with another 8 hours trekking and a dodgy mountain breakfast to look forward to.

Huge thanks to Jonny and crew for a lot of laughs and looking forward to climbing Mt Kinabalu later this year.

Stuart Rees Jones

Founder & CEO Camps