Our time in Tanzania began in Camp Kidia, located on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro. Just two minutes‰ walk down the road from camp were incredible views of the mountain. We settled in quickly as the staff were very welcoming and friendly. When we arrived at the project site, we learned what we would be doing during or stay in Kidia. Another group had started building a house for an old man and his wife. Their own house was slowly collapsing. They were in need of somewhere decent to live.  It was hard work but very much worth it because we managed to finish the house before we left. The old man and his wife were so happy when we handed the house over. It was rewarding to see them so pleased and to know they now have a place to call home for years to come. We also all learned lots of new skills.

On Fridays we would take part in cultural excursions. On our first Friday we visited a beautiful waterfall located below the village. The walk down and then up again was steep but it was really fun and a good opportunity for us to get to know each other better. The following Friday we visited two of the Women in the village to learn how to make the local dish, Kiburu. During or stay in Kidia, we also got to make our own wooden spoons, with the help of a local carpenter. Guess what our families are getting for Christmas! We also got the opportunity to teach English at a local school. We all enjoyed this very much and looked forward to teaching again. We taught the children basic English, such as animals and short songs. It was really great to see them all so happy.

Every week we had Saturday and Sunday off work. Saturday was our ‰Rest and Recover‰ day. We would drive down to Moshi to do some shopping and visit our favorite place, ‰Coffee Union‰, where we could relax and enjoy a slice of cake while using the internet to contact home. It was always a really nice treat after a hard week of project work. Sundays were spent at the camp doing our weekly laundry.

We all had an amazing experience at Camp Kidia. We really enjoyed working hard on the project each day, then going home to read our books and cozy up by the fire learning Swahili before bed. The project at Kidia was so rewarding and having the opportunity to be immersed in the community as we were was fantastic.