For the past ten days a butch of seven Gappers have been working solidly on our local School Project Work in Muhaka Community and just before they left for Tsavo Camp, they had something to share about their new life in Africa………….
We arrived at Mombasa not knowing anyone, but we were greeted by friendly staff who were excited to see us and introduce everyone. This helped us feel at ease. We were quickly off on the bus and travelling to Muhaka Camp. When we arrived we were all impressed by how homely the camp was and how friendly the staff were, especially Gladys who became known as mummy. We were informed with what we were going to be doing during the duration of our stay, which was plastering the interior of a local school library.

Muhaka Gappers Plastering a local school library
This was a challenging task for seven of us but with encouragement from our team leaders and each other after seven days of hard work we had completed the job. The feeling of accomplishment was overwhelming.  We were all pleased to have a part in improving the local school libray.


After a hard day‰’s work it was really nice to come back to a clean and relaxing camp where we could wash all the cement off and rejuvenate ourselves by playing pool, card games, reading and getting to know each other. To make our experience better we were constantly greeted with amazing fresh local food, always served with a smile. In the evenings we had basic Swahili lessons which were fun to practice when meeting locals on our journey to work. During our free time we purchased intricate bracelets and colourful clothes from the local people which gave something back to the community. Being with the local community gave us an insight to how hard they worked and the vast contrast in our everyday lives.
Everyone in the camp and surrounding area were extremely friendly and welcoming.


We are now excited to continue our journey to Camp Tsavo where we are expecting more project work and fun. Kudos to Camps!

Blog written by Hope, Cairistine, Claudia, Grace, Brechje, Patrick and Alanna