We were all deeply saddened to learn of Sammy‰’s death 2.5.2015.He was a highly respected member of staff and a trusted employee of Camp Kenya LTD, he will be sadly missed by all of us who knew and worked with him.




He was born on 22/12/1953 and started working for Camp Kenya LTD on the 1/7/2009 on contract and after exactly one month he was taken on a permanent basis at our driver guide. He set the standard for our company‰’s transport system and had an impeccable safety and accident free record. He was kind, polite and a person whom you could easily get along with.

His 5 years and 4 months of solid dedication to service combined with his devotion to ethics and integrity, made him a team leader in charge of the drivers unlike any other. During his period of work, Sammy did thousands of transfers carrying thousands and thousands of clients careful and safely.

Sammy during 2014 Nurses Airport transfer

Sammy in the Rosa: Nurses safely arriving at Camp Tsavo

He will also be remembered for his enthusiasm and vast of knowledge during a big game safari in the Tsavo East National park. Sammy was a multitasker during his free time he could join hands with a team of volunteers and participate in field volunteering work. He always played a big role in team building and social interaction within our Company and was an inspiration to many.

Being a quiet and courteous man his leadership skills were born by the excellent example that he set for the entire African Camps International operation. He was a fair and industrious leader and a man who was well respected by colleagues, associates and competitors alike.

Sammy first fell ill on 21/12/2014 and was admitted at Shalom Hospital in Machakos-Kenya. Later the Company arranged for his transfer to Diani Beach Hospital where he received further treatment for a rare form of cancer.

His condition worsened on 30/4/2015 and was admitted in Diani Beach Hospital where he passed on after three days. . Each of us not only grieves at the passing of this tremendous individual, but also for the loss his family suffers.

Prior to his death, Sammy expressed his desire to continue working hard for the company to help bring change to the unfortunate communities in rural Kenya.

 Many will miss him.