My dream comes true!

My first visit to Beng Mealea was in 1999. I saw the local people had a very hard living. The children were studying under the tree; finding the foods in the muddy field; working under the very hot sun; skinny and unhealthy looking. I was feeling so guilty to see these and I have thought about the possible helps for them in the future. Two years later, the proper access road was built and the foreign aids have been brought into the village. But, the demands have not been completed yet until now.

Fortunately, in 2010 I was allowed to work for Camps International and Camp Cambodia, and I have brought a lot of volunteers and funds from them to help Beng Mealea village as I had a dream. Below are the pictures of our activities and projects.

These children were looking for foods in this muddy field. They were expecting to find some snails, crab, and frogs. I was told by them that their parents were working in the farm far from home. They meet each other at the dinner time. 

Our volunteers and our local staffs at the camp Beng Mealea. This group is the gapper group. They stay for 1 month for the programme.

Not just about the hard works at the camp, our volunteers were taken to visit the world famous temple Angkor Wat, Royal Palace, Museum, and weekend evening in the city for fun.

Camp fire after dinner

The opportunity to experience the living culture called Water Blessing Ceremony, organized by the local Buddhist monk who lives in the nearby pagoda. This ceremony takes about 15 minutes and everyone will get wet from the shower. The aim of this ceremony is to bless the guests good luck and prosperity for their future.

The gifts were brought into the village and handed to the local schools. There are 3 different schools received these gifts in front of the community office.

We are running the English class for the children in the village. Our volunteers also teach English but they generally help the local kids with English speaking practice. 

Permaculture lesson and jungle garden project

This is the school library in Beng Mealea. It was built by our volunteers and was completed in Aug 2012.

This building is the teachers accommodation in Beng Mealea School. These teachers are from the outside towns. They travel to school on Monday and go back home on Saturday. They share space in one of the school classroom for group of 12. The rising number of students coming to school demands more classroom. These teachers were told to use the living classroom for teaching. They were not happy and want to leave. Because of the above issue, the teachers accommodation becomes the new priority project in Beng Mealea. The building has been started and is expecting to finish it before the next school season in September. 

Classroom refurbishment


Building the house for the very poor family. This picture is the 4th house. Now were are building the 5th house.

Building the concrete pathway in Beng Mealea School on the area where it is wet and muddy in the rainy season.

Dam up the water in the lake

Local craft lesson