Our first blog from Ashford & Hanham Schools just came through for the summer season. They’re all having a great time and thought you might like to know how they’re getting on since their arrival. Hey there! We are currently at Camp Bongkud, where we have been staying since Wednesday. Our accommodation has been pretty luxurious – the tents have mattresses and everything! We are all appreciating having three good meals a day, and a plentiful supply of bananas. Most of our meals consist of meat or fish with rice and veg, although due to several birthdays we‰Ûªve had chocolate and banana cakes too! Our current project work is helping to construct a water supply to people in the village. The project is in its infancy though, so we‰Ûªre helping to construct and fill gabion cages with tonnes of rock in order to stop the hill collapsing. Its sweaty work! We‰Ûªve also grown pretty good at telling the time by the weather, with rain starting to fall fairly religiously at about 4pm and the mornings being absolutely boiling. Apart from project work we‰Ûªve been doing a number of other games and activities. We‰Ûªve tried (pretty unsuccessfully) to learn a bit of Malay as well as doing some local singing and dancing, cooked three traditional dishes, taught the local children (well…‰Û÷taught‰Ûª) and finally climbed up the side of a mountain at 6am – though it was a beautiful view. We‰Ûªre all currently involved in a game of ‰Û÷Human Cluedo,‰Ûª and there have been several murders! Each of the group had to pick a person to kill (out of a hat) as well as a location and weapon (e.g. the girls toilets with a bottle), where they must willingly accept the item. Assassins may be hired if necessary! The students from Ashford and Hanham åÊ