It was a huge blessing to have a dedicated team of 19 pax from Avon Valley School (UK) last Month.This group spent two weeks in Tsavo doing a community project work at Sasenyi Primary School; School located in the rurals of Kenya-Tsavo Region. They got engaged on making 10 desks for 20 children who have been siting on the floor due to lack of chairs and they desperately needed desks in class.The group loved the experience in Kenya and mentioned the trip as an eye opening to them…………………………………

Tom Cowan:

After our first night at camp Kenya, it was time to start our first project. Our job was to build 10 desks for the students in ‰Sasenyi Primary School‰. Once we arrived at the school we were greeted by the headmaster. He told us about the history of the school and how camps had helped them long term. As he spoke some children came to say hello.

They were so cute! As soon as I got out my camera they were in love. Most of my photos were of children‰’s fingers covering the lens. So once our tour was over we started. Now I thought that making 10 desks would be easy; boy I was wrong.

I was expecting to cut some wood and hammer them together. It wasn‰’t quite like that. In fact the project was stretched out over 4 days. Working together for that long in the heat of Kenya is both physically and emotionally challenging but that is part of the experience.

Through Camp Kenya I have learned so much about the world around us. Everyone has different experiences at camp, which makes it more interesting. This is just one of many opportunities you will have at camp. So I hope you will enjoy your time in Kenya, you have a lot to look forward to.


Lewis Graham:

On the 27th of March we were all tasked to do a 14 kilometer hike over the hill the loomed behind the camp and back, as I got ready I was pumped my confidence maybe too high, we trekked through the neighboring village east of the camp onto the foot of the hill, we walked up a gentle slope at first no problem but I was wrong‰ before I knew it we had all completed 1/3 of the hike up the hill, the straight trek turned into more of a zigzag, making slow progress upwards, the gentle slope  the hill turned almost into a vertical climb up a cliff! ^_^   XD

When we eventually soldiered to the peak we were lucky enough to experience flat level ground, I‰’ll tell you, it was a blessing! Going down however was almost as bad as going up the darn hill! It felt like I was a ballerina doing pirouette for as long as possible, tripping, stumbling and whining, all of us slowly made it back onto the foot of the hill, we were all tired and exhausted also desperate for a shower! We dragged ourselves through the village into the camp and with our last strength thru our stuff on the balcony of our dormitory and ran to the shower, lemme‰ tell you, I would never ever underestimate a shower ever again!


Danni Rickard:

We have been fundraising to come to Camp Kenya for just over 2 years, trying to get our goal of 46,000 pounds, and finally we made it to Kenya. I cannot explain how good it feels to finally be here, it‰’s been the most amazing experience, one I will never forget, and all those hours of fundraising seem totally worth it. Wherever you are going in Kenya whether it‰’s to the primary school, to worm goats

Or join a hilarious traditional dancing and show your moves, everyone is simply happy. They will always wave at you and shout ‰Jambo!‰ with the biggest smile on their face, the kids will dance and sing with you and the workers at the camp make you feel so welcome. Seeing all these people so happy to see you and being so friendly is so refreshing.

Being here makes you realize all the pointless stuff you do at home, the people here work all day in the heat carrying things and farming all day long and they just get on with it, they don‰’t feel sorry for themselves or complain like we do. Seeing their attitude towards the life they live here as allowed me to have such a big appreciation and respect for them. Over all this experience has been a once in a life time opportunity. Sharing it with friends and making new friends at the camp from all over the world was an experience in itself and I am hugely grateful to camps international.


Amber McIntyre:

At my age ‰15 ‰it has been an amazing experience to have the opportunity to travel here to Kenya! I have enjoyed every single moment of the 2 weeks I have spent here meeting new people from different parts of the world and even getting to know pupils from my own school even better.

However, from my time here, I have been most inspired by Mama Mercy and her work with the Women‰’s group. Having spent two days with her, I have learnt the importance of how lucky us women are in England and how much energy they put into their day-to-day life. Mama Mercy has introduced me and my school to her group and individually they have all been able to inspire us in one way or another. They spoke to us about the work they do with the local community about the consequences and disasters of diseases such as HIV and AIDS. It is wonderful to hear about the changes the women‰’s group has brought upon the community for the better after giving them counseling sessions and the opportunity to be tested for HIV/AIDS.
Well done Team Avon Valley and thanks for taking part in our projects in Kenya your support have made a huge difference to the children at Sasenyi Primary School.