After last year I was tentative about going back to Glastonbury… However a free ticket in exchange for 4 hours of puppetry a day seemed like a fair deal. I made 3 children cry and scared 2 people who were ‘happy’. Some of the popular routines:

  • ‘Spoon of doom’ – a mexican ladle who shouted ‘spoon of doom’ repetitively.
  • The sponge who blew along to the music of My Way.
  • The evil chameleon who threatened to follow you around Glastonbury, sneak into your tent whilst you are sleeping and ‘wear you like a puppet’.
  • The bare hand – the most advanced puppet in the world with another hand inside it.
  • The giant bear who stares into your soul, vacuum cleans all the evil out and makes it into biscuits.
  • The chameleon discussion with a child about the Wurzels song ‘I’ve got a brand new combine harvester, and I want to give you a key’, however it would be bad to give a child a combine harvester as they would drive through the local village and chop everyone up, resulting in Weetabix with chunks of flesh in it..

I’ll stop now…