O the lovely oceans, So beautiful and vast. But O no! Earth‰Ûªs mighty waters Are being polluted fast! Plastic can harm animals Throughout an ocean‰Ûªs reach. Save the world‰Ûªs sea creatures. Make time to clean a beach! That‰Ûªs exactly what our ocean teams are working on at this minute at Camp Mantanani! All are well and happy being stuck in the island being part of a team to conserve marine life. Not only have they been cleaning the beach but have also been learning marine conservation program which then were passed on to building up marine awareness to the local kids at Mantanani Primary school on a smaller scale but towards a bigger impact. The teams have so many boxes to tick on their to-do list in such a short time, such as Open Water Dive Course, English Teaching Classes, building the foundation of a Kindergarten, learning Bahasa Melayu, getting involved with sports and scuba games on the beach and many more while they are making island life, one fun place to live in amongst the Bajau Ubian community. This is the last week for the ocean team program at Mantanani and as of today, have 70 successful certified divers, 164kg of debrisåÊ and 1619 plastic bottles collected on their beach cleaning program. Congratulations and well done guys!!! Big up to the CARSHALTON BOYS, SPONNE, BEBINGTON COLLEGE, SUDBURY UPPER, VOYAGER, ABBEYFIELD SCHOOL, PORTCHESTER, NORBURY MANOR, ST PHILOMENA’S AND ASHFORD SCHOOL!