With the summer season upon us and the first team arriving in just a few hours everyone is in high spirits and looking forward to what the season will bring. There is a real buzz around the office as everyone prepares for what promises to be an amazing summer here in Karibu, Kenya. One of the projects the teams will be working on this summer is to create a large Whale Shark out of flip flops collected from beach clean ups. Thousands of flip flops are discarded every year and many of them end up on the Kenyan coast line so we thought why not make use of them and raise awareness whilst doing so. This has been done previously, when our very own Dipesh and Fadhili created a minke whale out of flip flops. ‰Û÷Mfalme‰Ûª, as the whale became known, was taken on a world tour as part of an anti whaling campaign and was a huge success in raising awareness across the world. Details of Mfalmes journey can be found at here in Kenya, Benson has made an amazing start on the whale shark and has created the base frame for the team to get started on, and as you will see from the pictures it is looking pretty impressive! whale-shark We will be keeping you updated on the progress of the whale shark and what we are getting up to on the projects this summer so watch this space‰Û_