On the plane for home as we speak, the team had an amazing time out here the last few weeks. Bringing with them great memories and life changing experiences. Here’s a teacher’s final blog to sum up their amazing trip. Thank you for all your hardwork guys!! The final installment of our Borneo odyssey ended in the jungle – again! – at Batu Puteh, a beautiful part of the country where the rainforest is protected. After performing the local song to everyone at Bongkud on Thursday evening in tribal dress, we waved goodbye early Friday morning to begin our journey.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA‘Final evening at Bongkud’

Arriving at the jetty, we all got on to long boats to take us to Supu Camp, a stretcher hammock settlement deep in the jungle. We saw crocodiles and monkeys on the way there and everyone was very excited about what other wildlife we were going to see. The accommodation was basic, yes, but it felt really special to be there – being so close to nature. There were orang utan nests close to camp and we could hear their calls. Over the course of the next few days the wildlife we saw included gibbons (a rare thing to see apparently!), huge monitor lizards, macaque monkeys, fruit bats, frogs and numerous insects, including of course the dreaded leeches.


The first day, we went seed collecting in the morning and then grass cutting with parangs (machetes) in the afternoon. The staff were great and gave us all excellent tutorials on exactly what to do. We felt like real jungle experts! The next day, the group planted almost 300 trees – a record! This is to help regenerate the rainforest after logging and forest fires have destroyed a large part of it. The students felt very proud to be making such a difference, knowing that their trees would still be growing in 100 years’ time!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAåÊ’The group very happy after planting trees!’

We also visited the bat caves and the ‘coffin’, an ancient burial site, and after a tough climb up a big hill we were rewarded with the best view ever – all across the jungle, with mountains in the distance. It felt as if we could see the whole of Borneo!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA‘Receiving a project briefing at camp’

We’re now in Kota Kinabalu, having some well deserved R&R. Students are enjoying some free time to explore the city before we begin our epic journey home. All in all a fantastic, life changing experience, one which will be remembered for a lifetime. Thanks Camps International!