åÊWritten by Bea, Charlie, Beth, Tor and Chris… This week at Camp Muhaka, we have progressed in teaching the children different sports, allowing them to perform to the best of their ability. The beginning of the week we trained the kids in netball,volleyball and football preparing them for a competition which would take place on Thursday and Friday. We took the time and effort to paint/mark out the pitches allowing the children to stick to the rules and regulations of each sport. The competitions turned out very successful, with both girls and boys getting involved. We made 3 teams, Simba, Ndovo and the girls. We started Thursday afternoon with the volleyball competition in which Ndovo took home the win. We proceeded with the football and netball which took place on Friday, team1 won the volleyball and Ndovo pulled out yet another win with the football. We held a rewards ceremony after with prizes for each child individually on the winning teams. the prizes consisted on maize flour, sugar and tea leaves kindly donated by Muthaiga Mini Market in Diani which is one of the main grocery suppliers for Camp Kenya. We also came together as a group and donated 3 more prizes for the 3 best team players from each team. The prizes consisted of a Bristol City shirt, a cricket bat (which we taught them earlier in the week) and a sarong (for the girls). Everybody had an inspirational experience both the SDX, Bea and the children, and also the locals who came to support their teams had a lovely day out at the field. Our evenings have been spent equally satisfying taking part in things such as, meditation, watching the Lion King 1,2,3 (!!) and planning our next event for the children and community. Overall, this week has been truly inspirational and we all cannot wait for what the next few weeks have in stall for us. Written by Bea, Charlie