I wanted to write a little thank you note to all the staff and students in International School ParkCity, KL, and especially Miss Paula from Reception. Paula collected together all the spare pens, pencils, erasers, crayons etc that were left at the school at the end of last year. She managed to pull together about 5-6 bag loads and she then approached me to see if I could pass them onto a good cause. I, of course, said absolutely, pass them my way. And so last week I was back in Cambodia and squeezed it all into my baggage and popped to the school at Beng Mealea where we do the majority of our project work. The school now caters to nearly 900 students, has virtually no funding from the government, despite being a government school (it was recently discovered by the headmistress that funding she was due from the government had been creamed off at the district level and a forgery of the school stamp used to disguise this!) and is seriously under-resourced. We have just finished building a school library and are working on teacher accommodation currently so that the teachers can move out of the squalid classroom that at least 5 of them share.

So whilst a few bags of pencils may seem like a very small donation to a school which lacks pretty much everything we would recognise as necessary for educating 900 students, it was very gratefully received by the headmistress, and will make a difference to the students at the school ‰ÛÒ one less thing to worry about ‰ÛÒ and as I always say ‰ÛÏLots of littles make a big!‰Û.

Once again many, many thanks to Miss Paula and all the staff and pupils at International School ParkCity for your generous donation and help.

Beng Mealea School Library

The new school library opened in August this year.

Beng Mealea School

A busy class in the temporary classroom built by Camps International volunteers.

Beng Mealea School Gates

The front gates of the school in Beng Mealea.

Handing over the pencils

Handing over the pencils etc to the Head Mistress.