As many of you are aware, one of our major projects over the summer was some serious work in the local primary school within the community at Camp Kuri Kuchu. Our volunteers worked on a seemingly endless list of projects all designed to ensure the school would not be shut down by the local authorities. Humberto Fierro school is one of a dwindling number of tri-lingual schools in Ecuador. The school teaches Spanish, English and most importantly, the local Quechua language used by many within the community. Some of the elders in the community actually speak very limited Spanish so it is super important that their grand children and great grand children continue to learn the language so they can listen and learn the traditional stories of the community and their own family.

Some of the projects we worked on were rebuilding the toilets and adding a couple of dry toilets for those times when there is no water, rebuilding the kitchen for the mums so they can cook in safety for the students, painting, cleaning, rubbish removal and general maintenance. Out teams also built an important ‰semillero‰, a seed nursery adjacent to the new and improved kitchen garden so that the students can learn to grow different vegetables to improve the variety and nutrition in their day to day diet. The new wood-oven in the kitchen will be well seasoned by the time the crops start to produce some capsicum, tomatoes and chilies ‰perfect for PIZZA. Can‰’t wait to get up and do some cooking lessons with the gorgeous kids in the school.

Giving and volunteering is never about the thanks, but when you receive letters like the following you can‰’t help but smile from ear to ear. Because everything we do is impossible without our incredibly generous and hard-working volunteers we just had to share this with you all. Following is a letter from the principal at Humberto Fierro school (see below for translation) and some photos of the ‰grand opening; of the school post renovations. To all of you who made this possible, THANK YOU!


San Pablo Urco, Septiembre 4th 2015

Oficio: 005-2015

To: Camp-Ecuador

Subject: Letter of acknowledgement for the Project work achieved in the institution

Receive a friendly and warm greeting from all who are part of the teacher personnel, parents and students of the ‰Centro Educativo Comunitario Intercultural Bilingue de Educaci‰on Basica Humberto Reyes in the community of San Pablo Urco located in the ‰Parroquia‰ Olmedo, Cayambe, province of Pichincha, country Ecuador and success regards to the daily activities that you as a company do for the benefit of the Ecuadorian society and especially for the children and youths of our community.

During the meeting held by the teacher personnel and the parent committee that took place on August 28th of the current year in the facilities of the directives room at 11:55 in the morning, was resolved to write a letter of thanks to all the colleagues who are part of Camps International, especially to Jimena Quimbita and Xavier Dolz project coordinator, for the extraordinary work that you as a company and everyone involved has achieved in the ‰Centro Educativo Comunitario Intercultural Bilingue de Educacion Basica Humberto Fierro‰ located in the community of San Pablo Urco and also to all the schools:

With the certainty of counting on you and looking forward to the future projects being of great magnitude and benefit to the community, especially for the children, we once again present our thanks and gratitude.

Kind regards,

 Good to see school assemblies are the same everywhere – always a few kids not paying attention…

 Some speeches from the school directors and students before the inaugural tour.

 Xavi recieving a special thank-you gift on behalf of the community.

 And as those of you who worked with us this year know, traditional dancing is part of any celebration and always includes those amazing pants.

 Xavi joining in the celebrations in his new traditional outfit.

 And what celebration in the Andes would be complete without a traditional almuerzo of local produce: broad beans, mote, chicharon and papas in cabbage leaves.

 Just had to include this pic for all the mums and dads out there who have spent hours of their lives doing just this, waiting for the school assembly to begin. Something tells me these ladies have done this before – totally prepared for the wait, bringing along their embroidery to fill the time.