Peter Kai and the Camp Makongeni team are on a roll right now… All eyes are now on Melbourne school from Southern Australia. The 17 pax comprised of 15 boys and 2 Teachers (Year 11 and 12) arrived in Kenya on 3rd December on their first school trip abroad with the aim of supporting sustainable and community development programs through Camp Kenya. Being the first school from Australia to visit Kenya through Camps International, the Makongeni community gave a special warm welcome to the team. Women and Youth groups who work closely with Camp Kenya created a good bond from the first day which made the group feel accepted in the community. Untitled The team seemed to be so excited to participate in every single activity to support the community. In the first four days they have been working hard on the mangrove conservation projects with the Baraka Conservation group, and have been involved in harvesting mangrove seeds and potting for reforestation. Untitled They have also completed reinforcing three fish pond walls and replanted 50 Mangrove seedlings within degraded areas as well as learnt a thing or two about local sustainable fishing methods! Untitled Starting from 8th until 10th they will be working with one of the youth groups on their poultry project. Over the last couple of years, Camp Kenya has been putting a lot of emphasis on assisting youth and women groups with income generating projects. The Makongeni Youth Group are a dynamic and determined group of boys from the area who we have helped set up a small poultry project as well helping them set up a small kerosene business (fuel used for lighting lamps) and more recently thanks to Matt, the group is learning more basic business skills such as book keeping, business development planning and basic business principals. It’s a privilege to have Melbourne School with us. They have an insatiable appetite for work, so much interest in our country and people and we hope they have found a second home in Kenya. They are still around for a week so more updates coming from Camp Tsavo… (Report by Peter Kai) Untitled