Here is another blog to add to our Dubai short trips series. Peter reports from Tanzania about the exhilarating experienceåÊthat Jemeriah College (JCD) had… Jemeriah College of Dubai (JCD) set off for their first short trip to Tanzania with the aims being to give service to the community, experience culture and partake in adventurous activities. The team comprised of 34 students and 4 teachers; they were out for a 10 days mission. I have led a variety of school teams who are committed, and determined to support our projects here in East Africa, but this time round I was further surprised by the young stars from the Arab Emirates land. They were completely dedicated with a fantastic positive approach towards the community work. On the first day everyone had enough time to familiarize themselves with their new environment. An overwhelming feeling of sympathy got in everyone‰’s mind when they visited Kiboriloni primary school by seeing the poor school infrastructure and what the children lackåÊin order to learn effectively.   The team was dedicated to work, they didn’t care about getting their nails dirty with paint, they spent 5 days working tirelessly in the school; completing the painting of two classroom walls, both inside and out. They also got involved in drawing diagrams and murals on several classroom walls. Most of the children in Kiboriloni come from needy families and their parents can‰’t afford to contribute the fees required to develop the school. It is a complete pity to see 60 children sharing only 4 text books per class. Drawing diagrams especially for the important subjects, such as science, on classroom walls makes it easier for the pupils in school to get access to their studies. It was hard work, but the team were determined to finish the job. A friendly match between Kiboriloni primary and JCD team was organized on the last day marking the climax of their project in the school. The rapport was high and everyone made lots of friends in the school, the famous Swahili song ‰Jambo‰ was sung everywhere around the school compound. It wasn’t easy for them to part with their lovely friends that day‰!. The cultural day was hilarious to everyone, they learnt how to prepare their own traditional lunch from green bananas and spiced meat; the food is called ‰Macharani‰ in Chagga. Bananas are peeled before cooking and the cooking is done in a little smoky house on a local stove. For them to match with locals in their meal preparation they had to dress in traditional clothes called kangas which are much like sarongs. Apart from cooking they were also involved in other traditional daily duties such as livestock feeding, building materials preparation (rocks smashing) and planting of banana crops. Such opportunities are offered to provide interaction with the locals and consequently a better understanding of the local culture. Kidia waterfall adventure was an adrenaline pumping experience; everyone was looking forward to it although it rained heavily the day before the trek. The route became so muddy and slippery to maneuver down the valleys .Whilst the team gave a massive trial to the middle way of the complete trek, it started well but as we got steep and steeper it became more challenging. However everyone was happy to enjoy the beautiful view from above the waterfall. Later on that evening the team enjoyed a treat; hot coffee, ice cream and snacks at the Kilimanjaro Coffee lounge. Good Friday was a special day, to most of the Tanzanian people. We decided to join their routine by visiting one of the orphanage place called ‰Tuleeni Children‰’s Home‰ (Meaning to care). We went out for a shopping that morning and lots of gifts were bought including food and school learning materials. Mama Faraji who takes care of the orphans was happy and welcoming. The little children became so friendly. It was so emotional (made people cry) especially after hearing how the children were brought in and the way they survive. In other hand, it was a great experience to all seeing the other side of the world. The pinnacle part of the trip was the Tarangire national Park Safari which was done on the last day.. This was a tremendous trip to the Jemeriah College Dubai (JCD), everyone was willing to share part of their experience with us. See comments below……. ‰Wow! A fantastic 10 days in Tanzania. We‰’ve seen amazing scenery and beautiful wildlife, and enjoyed local culture, food and hospitality. Thank you, Messrs. Tommy, Peter and Robert for making our week so special and for looking after us‰. Mr. Minchin. ‰A once in a lifetime experience‰!.I have thoroughly enjoyed exploring the culture and history of Tanzania. The people make this country very special. Many thanks to the staff at Camp Tanzania for making this trip a truly memorable one‰. Miss K Lewis. ‰An unforgettable trip made even more fantastic by the wonderful people who live in this amazing country‰. Miss L Rodger. ‰The last ten days have given us, staff and students, a fascinating insight into the challenges that this continent faces. We have very much enjoyed the warm welcome we have received from the Tanzanian people and it is a trip that will live long in the memory‰. Mr N Bradley. ‰This year in Tanzania I really enjoyed all activities wh9ch I took part in, however the Safari was the best bit for me, the lions were my favorite. Overall I enjoyed every bit of it; I real enjoyed this new experience and would love to take part again‰. Pedran Motemarelia. ‰I really enjoyed the trip as it helped understand how people live here and help them at the same time. My favorite part of the trip was hiking because it got my adrenaline pumping‰. Mohit. ‰I real enjoyed the trip and think it was an excellent experience. Waking up early to go and help the school is one of the best feelings even I hope can come back one day‰. Kiarash Gashani-Shirazi. ‰I had a very good time on the trip and it was great fun. The project work was a challenge but in the end it all paid off. On the last day went on safari and saw lots of Elephants, Giraffes and Lions. We took lots of pictures and it was a fantastic end for our trip‰. Sahana Melwani. ‰We had great fun on the hiking day Naomi Tarry took a fall off Kidia water fall route ‰Mount Kili‰ climbing she almost rolled down, during the challenging trek. Using her apparent Ninga skills she managed to grab on to tree down, and with all efforts climbed back to the top-made my day‰. Alisha Roberts. ‰Tanzania was an amazing . As well as doing volunteering work we also learnt a lot about the culture and lives of people in Tanzania‰. Sam. ‰Loved the trip Overall and would love to do it again. All the activities were amazing and loved playing and meeting all the kids this was one trip I will never forget‰. Jenny. ‰It was a very exhausting trip however very fun everyone especially Peter‰. Loyal. ‰I enjoyed the trip a lot and I enjoyed the tours, Thank you Robert and Peter for the support on the trip‰.Jack Feather. ‰Tanzania has opened my mind to a whole new world of life. Thank you Peter,Robert and Ben for such an interesting adventure. I had a great time in Tanzania and it has expanded my knowledge‰. Thank you. Elliot Msheen ‰Tanzania was an amazing experience which opened eyes to many things that I didn‰’t realize . I have changed my perspective for many things; such as not wasting food and water, knowing that there are some people who barely receive any or starve. Experiences at the school and orphanage were emotional and should be reflected on. I‰’ve had fun doing all the activities and a standing ovation should be given to the staff, who worked extra hard to ensure we have a good stay. Overall it was fantastic experience‰. Dalo Tsuil. ‰Overall the trip was amazing because we got a feeling for the culture + way of life in the local community. It was also very satisfying as we got a chance change people‰’s lives for the better and had a lot of fun doing it! ‰ Rebecca Ludden. ‰I found the trip was an amazing experience and has left me exhausted. There was a great range of activities as well as plenty of time to relax and enjoy it. The staffs were friendly and made the trip a lot of fun; I would do it again‰. Ronnie Barker. ‰On Thursday, we went trekking on the foot hills of Mt Kilimanjaro and Ellen slipped aboiut 10 times which made my day, it was hilarious. I couldn‰’t stop laughing‰. Naomi Tarry. ‰Overall this trip has been amazing and different trip I had ever gone, my first impression was not great when I arrived but after staying I got used to the environment and now I don‰’t want to leave. Once you come here to help the children you feel good about making a difference to people‰’s lives and I just want to do it again. Thank you Camps!‰Parthici Gombhir. ‰The safari was the best bit for me, especially when we spotted the lions. The Camps international staffs were Awesome; they are very friendly‰.Charlie Cocett. ‰I had an amazing time and I would like to come back! It was a fantastic trip with loads of fun, nice staff and delicious food. It was good to do volunteer work and seeing the results knowing that you have helped someone‰. MarcelinaWojewsha. ‰I have learnt a lot from this trip. I feel real happy and lucky to get a chance to visit such a beautiful place and to help the community in any different ways .I would love to come back to camp Tanzania! ‰ Neeraj Santani. ‰Leaving the Orphanage was very sad as we had become attached to the children throughout the time we spent with them. They were sweet and excited to meet us, after we sang the music man and the orphans sang the Banana song and don‰’t take my sun shine away. Even I was tearing up and I had to borrow Sam‰’s sunglasses and the girl called Lillian gave me a lovely necklace to remember her‰. Katie Roberts. ‰I really enjoyed the project work as I have always dreamed of doing it from an early age. To see the smiles on the children faces in school cheered me up and I really felt welcomed when they were all calling my name whilst playing football against them. The safari was the pinnacle of the trip and we saw a rare set of lionesses which really made my day and my trip. Overall an amazing trip!‰ Michael Ash. ‰I enjoyed the trip because it was life changing experience as we had all seen how people lived in Tanzania. In addition even if you contribute little they appreciate and helps‰ them a lot. You may think it scratches the surface what you can do however it has a huge impact on the people. Like when we went to the orphanage, they didn‰’t have much, that‰’s made me think they see this as normal. Therefore I think that anything we can afford to help means a lot to the children‰. Max Palmans. ‰Tanzania was a breath taking experience filled with fun and hard work. I enjoyed helping out at the local school and orphanage we learned about culture and the live of people in Tanzania‰. Natassia Watson-Millar. ‰This whole trip has been once in a life time experience. It‰’s not every time you get time to go and help out at a school, go and se children at the orphanage, go to a local women‰’s house and learn their culture and stay in this sort of environment!‰. Alex. During this trip I learnt and experienced more than I thought I would; I loved helping the community and working in the school as well as the visit to the orphanage. I enjoyed becoming more familiar with their culture and wildlife. It was a great experience‰. Yeganeh Ayati. ‰The best experience of the trip is when we went to the school and helped out the children in painting around the school and making them laugh, smile and dance. We all got so close to the children and we were all so upset when we had to say goodbye and part away from our new good friends‰. Dina Mared. ‰I really enjoyed the trip, it made me want to continue with my volunteer work and I want to come back again to see if we made a difference. It was a life changing and it gave me a reality check”. Emily Hawker. ‰I could not get enough of the language, culture and people. Seeing and being in Tanzania was an exhilarating adventure-one that will remain with me always‰. Devina Kalwani. ‰Tanzania was a great trip and opened my eyes to world of things I didn‰’t know about. It helped me give something back to community‰. Luke. ‰Tanzania was great trip there was so much good activities. I really enjoyed the Safari the most‰. Josh. ‰It was amazing, helping the children with their education and getting them further in life was huge impact. Having to leave was dreadful .Finishing the classrooms, seeing their happy faces was awesome‰. Rachel Guest. ‰My favourite day was the trek; we all worked together and almost saw the waterfalls. Also I love my friend named Joshua; he was amazing and met me every day. I was sad when we left‰. JCD     Blog Compiled by Peter Kalenga Kai