If you are stuck for ideas, this is well worth a read! One of our students has worked extremely hard and pushed himself to the limits to raise money for his expedition! He has almost hit target too – Go Henry!!

Hi my name is Henry and I’m going on the Peru trip this summer 2016- I’m really excited as I’ve never done anything like it before and can’t wait to experience being in such a different but equally wonderful environment/area/country. I think it will be an amazing experience and I’m so glad that I signed up all those months ago as with what is in store for me in a few months it is surely worth it!

Looking back to when I started my fundraising journey, I never expected to (with 3 months to go) only have around £440 left to raise of a total close to £4k. The last 18 months of life have shown me that I can do it, it is possible and that working hard really can produce great results! Ive done many things to bolster my funds and these below are some of my highlights: –

I enquired with family and friends about getting a job which eventually I did with Penguins Swimming Academy I’m a ‘Helper’ – I go every Saturday morning starting at 8:30 am and get into the pool to help the children to swim, I really enjoy seeing how much they have improved over the year and get paid for the privilege. My monthly salary gets paid into my bank account directly so I won’t be tempted to spend any of it!

picture 1I wrote to several companies asking for sponsorship and I got sponsorship from Skechers; they have sponsored me £250, I explained about the Camps International t-shirt and they sent me their logo, so I went to a local print shop and had the Skechers logo put on to the front and back.

PicturE8I looked around for a 10K run to do to get sponsors from all friends. I created a sponsorship form and started asking people. Skechers said they would supply me with their trainers and tshirt to run in- I found one called ‘Chase the Yeti’ through a company called Avalanche, which holds the UK”s toughest winter 10K mud run. It sounded like a really interesting, fun and challenging run instead of just a plain road 10K, and in the wet freezing temperatures and biting wind it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Luckily, I managed to get the entrance fee wavered which was a plus and then decided to ask my friends Myran and Oliver if they would like to join as they are also going to Peru. We than became ‘Team Skechers’- Furthermore they generously supplied us all with trainers and t-shirts with the Skechers logo on them.


Unbelievably I managed to raise £880! My school have just posted an article about us on their website and Facebook page entitled “Peru Fundraiser’

I have done 4 car boot sales so far and after the first 2 we found out that you don’t need to pay the entrance fee if you are fundraising and can prove it- We had the Camps International posters with us, so that was a bonus for the last 2 and more to come. I’ve sold all sorts of things including clothes, shoes, toys, books, games and many people have given me their things to sell as well to boost my stock/supplies. We tend to make around £100 each time so well worth the effort. I’m just waiting now for it to reopen when the weather improves.Picture2

I have sold some of my Grandmother’s hand painted watercolour pictures at our local Primary School Christmas Fair and also at a neighbouring village hall during Christmas fairs. put up posters with the Camps International logo on to help draw people in for discussions!


I organised a Fundraising Meal at a local Indian restaurant called the Chef & Spice. I bought some coloured card and made the invitations. I asked my friend Myran if he wanted to do it jointly so it was more fun. My friends paid £15 per ticket, the restaurant took £6 per head and gave us back £9 per person, so well worth the effort!


All in all I am very pleased but I still have to raise some more funds, I’m thinking more car boots, selling things on Ebay and possibly at an Auctioneers! I still have lots of kit to purchase for the trip and spending money for when I’m there!

I hope you enjoyed my story and its given you some more ideas.


Fantastic effort Henry – this made our morning! :)

As ever, PLEASE send us your fundraising experiences, it makes us smile when we get to read your stories! When picking a Fundraising Friday Star please tell us what you felt when you first heard about the expedition, a few paragraphs about what you have been up to so far for your fundraising, any future fundraising plans and some pictures of your fundraising! LOTS of pictures! (pleeeeeease) But the pictures do need to be of a high quality that can be uploaded online… no fuzzy mugshots! ?

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Happy Easter!

Meg 😀