Happy Friday! 

Here is todays Fundraising Friday Star, Beki! We have been inundated with entries recently, I’m sure by now Beki has raised a huge amount more but we couldn’t forget her! Have a read through and let Beki’s fantastic achievements inspire you! 


My name’s Beki and I’m traveling to Peru this summer! When Camps International first came to my school I was really interested! My parents were not so convinced due to how much it cost. However, my mum came with me to the meeting and then realised it was expected that I would raise the money myself so my parents wouldn’t need to pay for it! We then convinced my Dad and the fundraising began….


My Mum had been given a personalised mug as a thank you gift from a patient that she had looked after which gave me the idea that I could use this idea to fundraise. I emailed my old primary school and the village community centre as they were holding Christmas Fayres. I had been given lots of orders already by people who knew me and from my mum’s work.


From both of the fayres together I raised £139 plus additional orders for about 10 mugs at £10 each. At one of the fayres, I was asked to go along to a scout annual general meeting to give a talk which then led to another invitation to put on a stall outside a local business at half term! From these I raised £243.70.

I went onto ‘stall finders’ (which is a great website if you need events to go and fundraise at) and found a local monthly fayre near to the city centre, so I have been going to these since January. I also started to make soap which is a massive seller at fayres and I love doing it. I am thinking of carrying it on after Peru to pay some of my costs through University. I’ve returned to some of the school and community fairs too.


My friend (who is also going on the Peru expedition) and I arranged our own fayre which was held in October in our local church hall. We each raised £139.80 and individually on my stall I raised another £38.80. This was a huge success for us and provided us with a lot of encouragement from other people. We also have a tuck shop at school events and have raised quite a bit from that.


I am also arranging a band & hog roast night which we are hoping will be a good money maker.

So far I have raised £2307.36 and I am hoping that the rest of the year will bring even more money for my trip.  In addition to raising the cash, the experience of giving presentations to adults, interacting with total strangers at the fayres and the positive encouraging feedback I get has made me a far more confident person.

I enjoy the creative side of the mugs and soaps, so it’s become a hobby rather than a chore for me. This means that I have already learnt & benefitted massively from my fundraising efforts, even before I set foot on the journey to Peru


Amazing efforts
from Beki! – this is just what we like to see ! :)

As ever, PLEASE send us your fundraising experiences, it makes us smile when we get to read your stories! When picking a Fundraising Friday Star please tell us what you felt when you first heard about the expedition, a few paragraphs about what you have been up to so far for your fundraising, any future fundraising plans and some pictures of your fundraising! LOTS of pictures! (pleeeeeease) But the pictures do need to be of a high quality that can be uploaded online… no fuzzy mugshots! ?

Please email all entries to fundraising@campsinternational.com Can’t wait to hear from you all! ? Remember, every Fundraising Friday Star will win a FREE HEAD TORCH!

If you win, you will automatically be put into a draw to win an even bigger prize… every quarter we will choose one Fundraising Friday Star to win A FREE RUCKSACK, SLEEPING BAG LINER, TRAVEL TOWEL AND WATER BOTTLE!!! Which means less kit you’ll have to buy.

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