We had a great team from Dubai American Academy who visited our Camp in Tsavo early last month (March)  and had this to share……

A trip to Kenya they said… it will be super fun they said… no bugs they said. They were right apart from the bugs.

Do you know how to lay a concrete floor? Rocks, sand, water and cement. A lot of hard work went in to that first day at the school. First we broke up into 3 groups. One group worked on shoveling rocks another on sand and one on water. We mixed it all together and then laid it on the slab.


Do you know how to make elephant dung paper? Boil, rinse, wring it out, add glue and water, put it in the template and use the sponge to soak up the extra water and finally leave to dry in the sun. We made two pieces of paper, one for the local women’s group and one to keep.


Have you ever hiked up a mountain? On this trip we had a 2 hour hike up Marungu Hill, over rocks, through thorn patches and finally to the cave where we had lunch.


Bush activities followed and then the quicker descent back to camp via a short cut. Showers were well deserved and we had the rest of the day to relax.


Have you ever made bricks? Concrete and mud bricks were made for construction purposes of new staff buildings at the primary school.


After working hard to help the school we got to play with many of the wonderful students at the school. We gave away donations such as water bottles, jackets and sport equipment. The day ended with a soccer match.

Do you know how to De-worm goats? 77 neighboring goats and one cow were De-wormed. First we had to catch the goats, open its mouth, and make sure the syringe was on top of the tongue before administering the drug.


A more relaxing afternoon followed when we made bracelets or necklaces with the local women’s group.

Do you know how to pee in a bush? If not, do not go on a safari. However, we saw many animals such as giraffes, zebras, elephants, warthogs, cheetahs and many more.


Our final volunteering was back filling of culverts which will divert water away from the road and into the watering hole to be used by wildlife species.


Our trip finished off around a camp fire sharing stories and our favorite memories before starting our long trip home in the morning.


Blog Written by Dubai American Academy.