‘A Change is as good as a rest ‘ Said Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1859-1930); One of the biggest commitment of Camps International is to institute positive change in Africa, particularly to the less fortunate communities by providing the suitable environment for pupil’s learning; through improving of Educational infrastructures and facilities of schools that are settled in the remote areas  and that receive limited or none financial support from the respective government institution.

The Sasenyi Primary School is Situated in the Tsavo region in Kenya, semi-arid land with over 65% people living in Poverty. Camps International (CI) through its Volunteering programs has been supporting the school for over 9 years to improve some of the most essential infrastructures to enhance educational success in the community.


Volunteers Working on a Classroom project at Sasenyi School (GWA UAE School 2014)

CI saw an opportunity to offer every pupil from Sasenyi community a better learning environment by providing sufficient and durable classrooms for their studies.


Completed Classroom Constructed by CI Volunteers

‘Education is the most powerful weapon which can use to change the world’ Said Nelson Mandela philosophy this has been CI’s foremost commitment; our volunteers have been working solidly to provide additional classroom and refurbish the entire school at Sasenyi


CI School teams working on the Classroom project (Summer 2015)

We have also installed a further 6 water tanks (10,000ltrs each) to collect rain water from guttering systems to support much needed water provision. Our aim is to ensure that the school provides an education friendly environment for children to learn and thrive and potentially break the cycle of poverty.


Donation Handing over from Camps Friends & Responsible partners (Education Sustainability)

Currently the school has 710 students with 10 functioning classrooms and 8 teachers.  Recently new classroom was completed.

Gappers Working on the New Classroom

The classroom will provide adequate space to accommodate the large number of 90 standards 4 students who were once squeezed in one class.


This will increase their learning opportunities and enable them to prosper.


Our team of Dubai Teacher working on the final finishing of the new classroom at Sasenyi (March 2016)

The government also had promised to provide an extra teacher to the school in every new classroom that we complete.


Official Classroom Handing over to the school at Sasenyi (April 2016)

The head teacher and the school committee members have been showing their commitment to our projects by supplying some of the crucial construction materials such as sand and hardcore for the construction as part of their contribution, therefore help to reduce cost of materials to be purchased.


The government has promised to add more teachers to the school to enhance effective learning whenever we add new classroom.

We will therefore wish to continue to improve the Sasenyi school infrastructures by constructing more classrooms. The forthcoming Summer Teams will be involved in Laying the classroom foundation, wall brick laying and lento construction of a new classroom that its foundation was dug but still at the ground level. The project aims to be completed in the April next year 2017.