WOW! Check out Alice – she had the idea of a big fundraiser and she did it! £2,000 raised in just one night! If this doesn’t spur you on I don’t know what will! Fab work from Alice and such a great inspiration! It just goes to show if you incorporate lots of little ideas into a big event its a huge success! Well done! :) Have a read folks! 

I decided to do a camel racing night as my big fundraiser to help me get a lot of my money to help me get to Ecuador. My mother had contacts and we thought it would be a nice alternative to the normal horse racing nights. We got in contact with the man and he decided to do it for us for just a small donation. We wrote to local businesses to ask for raffle prizes such as the local Tesco and Morrisons and to the local theatre in Ipswich. All the businesses came back positively and I had an amazing raffle that many people brought raffle tickets for.


We also wrote to local businesses to ask them if they wanted to sponsor a race. We got six businesses and we charged them £25 to have their business advertised in the program. A local business to print our programs which they kindly printed for 100 programs free.
In the morning we set up the area with tables and chairs and the man who we borrowed the camels off set up the camels and the “track” for the camels. We had table decorations which we made which had some camel jokes on it and on the other side it had a hand drawn picture of the camel that my little brother had drawn. We also put up camps international bunting! After everyone had entered I had the microphone and thanked everyone for coming.

The entry fee was £6 per person but a family ticket was £20, people were also given a free program when they came in and had the opportunity to buy raffle tickets. To be completely truthful they weren’t real camels although that would be very entertaining, they were wooden camels attached to strings that were pulled tight and when they were told “Go” the competitors tried to roll in the string so that the camels ended under their chair. The winning owner of the camel was given a bottle of prosecco! People could vote on the camel for £1 and the camels were sold for £5 each.

During the interval we sold bacon rolls for £1.50 and we gave out the lucky bottle of vodka which was drawn and the winner was the person who had the number on the back of their program. We also did the raffle during which all the prizes went. We also had an auction full of lovely handmade decorations etc. which were donated by my family members. The next day we added up all the money I raised and I managed to get £2,000 towards my trip. I would definitely recommend doing something like this again and to other people.


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Meg 😀