A quick update from our Gappers in Kenya ….

Thirteen volunteers arrived at Camp Muhaka and the surroundings are absolutely beautiful; the Camp and the staff were all prepared for our arrival, we had a very warm welcome from everyone! We all got unpacked and showered ready for our first night in Camp, getting to know each other and going for a wander through the village.


Meeting the locals, seeing the school and viewing the house which we would be working on and then back to the camp for dinner… day one done! We had a very chilled weekend spent on the beach and by the pool getting us prepared for a busy week of project work.


Diani Beach

Project work began and it was very hard work but it was fun and very rewarding! We built the walls, smoothed them down and then eventually were able to paint them.


We then continued to lay the floor down and hand the house over to one of the Mama’s in the village. Handing the house over to her seven days later was an amazing feeling and very emotional.


All of our hard work has paid off. Mama was very happy with her brand new house and the gifts we had all got her including shoes, pots and pans, dinnerware and a mosquito net!

We had a very interesting and educational cultural day on our last day, which included


Ladies Swahili Traditional Outfit


Men Swahili Traditional Outfit

dressing up in traditional outfits, peeling coconuts, collecting fire wood, fetching water, making chapattis and coconut wine tasting; which was definitely the best bit!

And now we are looking forward to Visit camp Tsavo will miss Muhaka.


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