Every one of our Gap programmes offers a real and authentic cultural experience. Living in camps alongside local people you will immerse yourself in rural village life.

We operate across 3 continents, in 6 countries and on over 100 humanitarian projects at any one time. Our promise is to commit long term to being a part of the community. Every project we start, we finish, without compromise.

As a social enterprise we have philanthropic objectives at our heart. We tackle problems at the root cause within communities, working hand in hand on projects they want and need.

We don’t paper over the cracks. We don’t paint the same classroom over and over again. Our projects are real and not a by-product of tourism.

This partnership with local communities has been our approach since 2002. Since then we have helped to change the lives of over 35,000 people. There is still a lot more to do and you can make the difference.

Gap trips change the world

You will work with incredible people to deliver sustainable projects that enhance the lives of the local community. You could help build schools, create local jobs, support micro finance, conserve wildlife or protect environments.

Whether you are involved in a project at the beginning, middle or end, the impact you will have will be life-changing for hundreds of people now and for years to come.

Kenya community


At Camps we offer amazing programmes from one to three months.

No matter how long you travel with us a Gap trip will transform your outlook in ways you can only currently imagine. The people, sights, projects and challenges will leave a lasting impression in your heart and on your mind. Every programme includes vital project work, time in camp making friends with like minded volunteers, opportunities to explore and the potential to bolt on extra adventures.

You’ll take in some of the world’s most stunning countries, raw and unedited, and see breath-taking wildlife.

3 months, 2 countries, 1 amazing adventure

For even more impact our 3 month programmes offer you the opportunity to travel to 2 countries in one trip. You’ll earn your stripes volunteering on community, wildlife and environmental projects.

You’ll get double the exposure to these fascinating continents, learning about the differences in culture and how vital our projects are to local communities and environment.


One trip to change a life

Each and every programme we offer is truly life-changing. Not just for the local communities we work with but for our volunteers too. You will grow in confidence, life experience, understanding and compassion.

You’ll meet new people, create new friendships, make your own decisions, find solutions to problems and take part in activities you may never have expected.

You’ll gain new practical skills, trying your hand at unexpected and challenging tasks.

When you return home the stories you share with friends, family and future employers will shape their impression of you. You’ll be able to demonstrate the difference one inspirational person can make to the world.

Start your journey today and help change lives forever.

Request your brochure and start planning your Gap adventure with Camps International today.

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