An internship with Camps International offers you the perfect blend between gaining real life experience to support your future career and helping to make a difference in some of the poorest countries in the world.

At Camps we offer internships in a wide range of subjects including conservation, business & agriculture, design & creativity, education, environment & engineering and law & international studies. Our programmes are split across Asia and Africa.
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An internship can be taken at any time – before you start university or work, during your degree, or on completing your degree. You’ll gain vital practical experience to help prove your capabilities and potential to future employers.

Work, play and change lives

Every internship provides the perfect blend of spending 2-4 weeks shadowing the team at your placement and an additional 2 weeks volunteering on life-changing projects within the local community.

You’ll learn a vast number of skills undertaking both elements of the trip. You’ll work as part of a team, undertaking new and challenging tasks, growing in confidence, making your own decisions and getting the chance to put your learning and enthusiasm into action in a field of your choice.

Once your placement is finished you’ll get fully involved in one of our life-changing projects. We approach selecting projects as a partnership between us and the community leaders, working with them to undertake projects that will have a lasting positive impact on the community.

One person can drive real change

At any one time we are working in 3 continents, across 8 countries and with over 100 humanitarian, environmental and conservation projects underway. We work exclusively in rural villages and wildlife conservation areas where poverty levels are high and there is virtually no form of income beyond small scale farming.

Your role on an internship programme could see you helping to build a school or kindergarten, conserve wildlife, protect environments, install water and sanitation facilities or build houses. We don’t paint over the cracks, we don’t paint the same classroom over and over again – we tackle the root causes of the challenges facing these communities.

Regardless of whether you join a project at the beginning, middle or end, we promise that every project we start, we finish – without compromise. The projects we have been delivering since 2002 have helped to change more than 35,000 lives and you can help to change even more.

A real and authentic cultural experience

During your internship you’ll be living alongside the local community, immersing yourself in the culture and rural village life.

You won’t feel like a tourist; you’ll feel like a local. You’ll meet other volunteers too on the same and different programmes, helping to create memories which will stay with you for a lifetime.

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