Hey Guys! Check out this weeks Fundraising Friday Star! Finley is doing extremely well with his fundraising! He has had lots of help from family and even created a super cool banner. Finley has got his friends involved and even a few transformers! Cool!! Ill stop giving it all away now! Have a read folks… go Finley! 

When I first heard about the expedition I was very intrigued and I thought it would be a great experience and a great opportunity so I went along to the meeting to find out more and I thought it looked great so I signed on.

To raise my first amount of money my Dad gave me some contacts of his and helped me email them requesting for sponsorship, in this email I gave an idea of what I hope to be doing over the year to fully hit the target and they were all very generous with their donations and it was an excellent kick start to my fundraising and I estimate that from all my Dad’s contacts I got around £1400 from 9 donators and in return I have had a banner created generously by one of the contacts with all the companies logos on them to show thanks to them and to show who helped me get to Peru.IMG_1792

After this I then did some smaller fundraisers such as selling food and drinks at different events and a car wash at my school which got me around £500 also I had a meeting with the owner of ‘The Entertainer’ toy store Gary who my Dad works for and he was extremely supportive of my campaign and allowed me to do a car wash at their head office also he has generously doubled the money we got as I did the car wash with my friend Charlotte who is also going on the trip and we got around £600 each after Gary doubling what we got which is great, also we were spoken about on mix96 radio highlighting what we were doing and that one of the entertainer staff had organised Optimus Prime and Bumblebee to turn up.

I have also worked at The Entertainer setting up a store with the set up team which my dad is head of in Bishops Stortford and I earned money from that. Overall so far I have raised over £3000 which is great.
I hope to of raised all my money by the end of the year with one big event which would be climbing up Snowdon with all my friends who are also on the trip and then doing small events at school then at Christmas to bag pack in Sainsbury’s for donations.

I am feeling great about my donations so far I have had great support from my family to get all the money as soon as possible, the one tip I would give is to take every opportunity you can to get money as it all helps.

As ever, PLEASE send us your fundraising experiences, it makes us smile when we get to read your stories! When picking a Fundraising Friday Star please tell us what you felt when you first heard about the expedition, a few paragraphs about what you have been up to so far for your fundraising, any future fundraising plans and some pictures of your fundraising! LOTS of pictures! (pleeeeeease) But the pictures do need to be of a high quality that can be uploaded online… no fuzzy mugshots! ?

Please email all entries to fundraising@campsinternational.com Can’t wait to hear from you all! Remember, every Fundraising Friday Star will win a FREE HEAD TORCH!

If you win, you will automatically be put into a draw to win an even bigger prize… every quarter we will choose one Fundraising Friday Star to win A FREE RUCKSACK, SLEEPING BAG LINER, TRAVEL TOWEL AND WATER BOTTLE!!! Which means less kit you’ll have to buy.

Stay groovy!

Meg 😀