The big day has finally arrived, the day you’ve either been looking forward to or trying to forget about; it’s A-Level results day!

We really hope you all got the results you were hoping for and you’ll be celebrating for the rest of the day. For those who haven’t quite got the results or University place you expected, there are loads of options. If your results are worse, or better than expected, the process of going through clearing to take a different course or to study at a different University is a process undertaken by thousands of applicants each year.

Alternatively you could decide to go straight into employment or you could take a gap year and defer University entry until the following year?

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Better than expected

If your results are better than expected, when you have finished bouncing off the walls, you may want to think whether this changes anything for you. Did you select your university based on your predicted grades and would your results enable you to go somewhere else or do something different?

Simply because that is the offer you had that was accepted doesn’t mean it’s what you have to do if things have now changed. Take some time to think about whether this does change anything for you and maybe look at the options available to you now.

Not what you hoped for

There is of course the possibility that your results may also not be as good as you hoped. If that is the case, what you do next becomes the defining factor.

The good news is that there are more options available to you now than ever before. Your first point of call should be your parents and teachers, as they can help guide you through your options fully, but things to think about include:

  • Will your university still take you, even with the lower grades?
  • What other options are there for courses through clearing – would you be happy to go to a different university which offers the same course? Would you be happy to do a different course at the same university?
  • Would you want to re-sit and reapply for the following year?
  • Do you still want to go to university? Would you like to take a year out to decide? You could work, travel, volunteer or a combination of these whilst you rethink your future plans?
  • Is there an apprenticeship opportunity which would enable you to work and gain these or similar qualifications?

Taking time out

You may have already decided to take some time out before continuing with your studies by deferring entry for year. Perhaps you’ve decided to give yourself some time to think and assess your options by taking a gap year and looking more thoroughly at where your future studies and career take you.

Gap years are often viewed favourably by both universities and future employers so long as you do something productive with your time. Also, remember that not everyone goes to university, that doesn’t define them or their future, you do.

Make an impact on the world

Embarking on one of our programmes from 1 to 3 months will help you to focus on helping people less fortunate to have a better life for the future. It will help to develop your communication, team building, organisation and problem solving skills. It will give you amazing stories from stunning countries to include within your personal statement and CV. It can also help to boost your UCAS points by undertaking the Certificate in Personal Effectiveness which may help with future applications if you decide that is the best route for your future.

With such huge competition to get into University this could be the perfect way to:

  • Avoid the mayhem of clearing.
  • Gain some unique volunteer experience to put on your CV and make your university application stand out from the crowd.
  • Gain loads of transferable life skills that Higher education providers value.
  • Have a once in a life time experience.
  • Make a real difference through project work.
  • Earn yourself 70 extra UCAS points to strengthen your University application.
  • ULTIMATELY help you to get into your University of choice – if you decide to take a gap year and travel there certainly can’t be too many more productive ways to do it.

You could learn to scuba, trek a mountain, summit at sunrise, relax on a beach in some of the world’s most stunning locations and experience the impact one person can have to the world, even if it wasn’t your first choice.

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If you want something more specific to your area of interest, you could also consider an internship and shadow a role in Africa or Asia, learning and practicing work related skills whilst supporting some of the poorest people around the world.

Rest assured, regardless of your results, your future is whatever you choose to make it. You can determine what impact you want to have on the world and whatever you decide to do, it’s the next step in the amazing journey of your life.

If you’d like more information about how one of our programmes can support your future, please request a brochure and one of our team will be in contact shortly.