Human wildlife conflict is a real and significant issue in many countries. In Kenya farmers are sadly shooting endangered animals to protect their carefully nurtured and essential crops from being trampled and are having to cut down trees to use for fuel leading to issues with deforestation.

At Camps International we have been working in partnership with Wildlife Works, who run the Rukinga Wildlife Conservation programmes, for many years. They converted the land at Rukinga into a wildlife sanctuary in 1998 and have completely transformed the land from being barren and uninhabited by wildlife into a thriving sanctuary, home to over 50 species of mammal and 300 species of birds.

Animals protected on this land include elephants, zebras, cheetahs and African hunting dogs to name just a few.

The involvement Camps and our amazing volunteers have is in 3 parts. Firstly we are helping to build watering holes to enable animals to have a water supply during the dry season and to prevent them wandering onto farms causing damage to crops.


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To further support this we are constantly working to update, repair and install elephant deterrent fences to again prevent these awesome creatures from straying and getting into conflict. The fences are made from rope covered in oil and chilli, which locally they swear by as being the perfect deterrent. More recently there has been a suggestion that these can be made even more effective by also having sections with strips of metal which shimmer and make noise, which the elephants don’t like and therefore aids with the deterrent.

This simple, but effective solution is helping to steer the elephants away from the Sasenyi valley and protecting the farms. We have been busy installing 2.5km of fencing with a further 250m to install, plus ongoing monthly maintenance.

Our final piece of the puzzle is to help replant the indigenous trees which are being cut down. In Rukinga and Marungu hills we are replanting thousands of trees to offset the carbon emissions and protect the environment.


We are working to create a tree nursery with 2500 native trees available to the local farmers to encourage them to plant some on their land to offset those they have removed and protect the land and environment for the future.

This is just some of the wildlife to support and experience whilst visiting Kenya on one of our trips with impact.

Of course, no trip would be complete without the opportunity to see the ‘big 5’ in their natural environment. We offer you the opportunity to bolt onto your trip the chance to safari through the Tsavo National Park, home to lions, elephants, giraffes, zebra and rhinos along with monkeys, mongoose, buffalo and waterbuck.


No two safari trips are the same, no two days are the same. Sights of these magnificent creatures will quite literally take your breath away.

To see how you can get involved in these conservation projects and experience an authentic trip to Kenya, to live alongside and support the local communities, request a brochure and one of our team will be in contact with you shortly.

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