Oh my goodness! Izzy is doing so brilliantly we just HAD to share her story with you this week. This is a perfect example of where determination can get you, Izzy used her initiative and it’s seriously paid off! She is almost at her total and still going, have a read and be inspired. Well done! 

When I first heard about the expedition I thought that it was an absolutely amazing opportunity. I have always wanted to do something like this and to be able to go away somewhere where I wouldn’t have usually gone. However, the big issue for me was how to raise the money! The thought of raising £4,170 was scary and that put me in two minds whether to apply or not. I sat and spoke about it with my parents for a while and in the end I decided it was silly to turn down a once in a lifetime opportunity, so I applied for the trip and I was luckily one of the people chosen by my school to be able to go.

When I first applied I was very nervous about the trip because we were going away for a month to live in a very different community to what we are all used to, the thought was very scary. I also had a lot of work and planning ahead of me to be able to raise all the money and this was also quite daunting! I knew, that from that moment I’d have to start very soon with my fundraising.

To raise my first amount I did a bag pack with my school around Christmas time and I got £50 from that when we split the money between everyone who helped. I think that was quite a good start for my first fundraiser as it was all new to me. Up until Easter 2016 I did not really do much fundraising as I was very slow in planning it all and so most of the money I paid towards my trip was coming out of my wages from my weekend job. This was very hard to be able to save the money in order to pay the monthly amounts, however I knew that’s what I had to do to be able to go on the expedition.unknown

In Easter 2016 I did my first two big fundraisers. My first one was an Easter competition I held at my work. I came up with the idea of putting a load of mini Easter eggs in a jar and people had to pay 50p to guess how many there were, the prize was a giant Easter egg. I then proposed my idea to my manager at work and they were more than happy to help me. So I put it on the bar at work and people were very supportive and I have 3 A4 pages full of names and their guesses! In the end I got £250 from it, which I think was very impressive for a small competition in a pub. My next fundraiser was running a motorbike trial with my friend who is also going on the trip. This took a lot more planning especially from our parents as we could not run it alone. However, me and my friend did a lot of organising once it was approved and it was a very successful event. In the end we got about £350 each, which we were very happy with.

I have just completed my third big fundraiser by doing a 30-mile hike at Hadrian’s Wall with some of the Uniformed Public Service students at Darlington College. Every year the students on this course have to do a sponsored walk for someone or a charity as part of their course. This year they chose me to raise money for, so it could go towards my expedition. I had to go in and do a presentation to 32 students about my trip and I also agreed to do the walk with them, since they were raising money for me. It took us two days and we did 17 miles the first day and then 13 miles the second day. The final amounts have not yet been counted as some students are still waiting for their sponsor money, however the estimated amount is £1500 – which is AMAZING! I think without this fundraiser I would really struggle with fundraising as this made up a huge chunk of my overall cost.unknown-5

Up to this point I have around £3,600 paid towards my trip and so I hope to make the rest of the money up with doing small fundraisers which I have planned with my school such as cake sales at Christmas, another bag pack and we are also planning on doing the 3 peaks challenge in the Lake District around Easter 2017.

Now that the expedition is getting closer I am feeling very excited, although I am a little nervous too. It is slowly becoming more surreal that I am actually going out to Peru for a whole month because a year ago when I signed up I felt like it was never going to happen! I am now starting to get organised with equipment I need for the trip so I am buying things over a longer period of time instead of spending a lot of money all at once. I am very exciting for my expedition and I am also very grateful to be able to have such an amazing opportunity.


Thanks Izzy!

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