At Camps International we believe in doing things differently. Not content with just being a company, we’re a social enterprise – focused specifically on changing lives across 3 continents for the better.

Not content with just being a social enterprise, we’re a social enterprise with a charity, one that focuses on enhancing the work our volunteers do and ensuring between charity and social enterprise that every project we start, we finish.

This summer was our biggest ever, with over 1700 independent volunteers and teams from schools, colleges and universities travelling to one or more of eight destinations and working hard on nearly 100 projects over this period. Thank you to every volunteer who rolled up their sleeves and got stuck in to making a difference to these wonderful communities.

In our latest charity update we showcase some of the projects which are supported by charitable funding and our amazing donors and volunteers.

Here is just a snapshot of some of these amazing initiatives:

’26 de Septiembre’ School Refurbishment, Ecuador


Since the founding of this school in 1984, the parents of pupils have been working hard to maintain and update the space as the government has offered little support. Until recently parents and teachers could organise fundraising events to support the ongoing maintenance costs of the school, however, with a new law being passed prohibiting such activities, we have stepped in to support the community and maintain the school.


Toilets & Sanitation, Peru


Kajilarakay is in a remote area that has been largely forgotten in terms of development. We are working with the local municipality to fulfil basic sanitation requirements within this community – installing flushing toilets, sinks and showers.

Last year we built 25 toilets and this year we have finished a further 5 with 15 more on the way.

This means that now around 150 people have access to these much-needed facilities we often take for granted.


Elephant watering holes and deterrent fencing, Kenya


The situation for elephants has never been more devasting. With more than 40,000 animals killed each year, it’s estimated than in under a decade, we may lose them all together.

That’s why it’s so critical that we support them and by making the environment as favourable as possible for wildlife.

Since April, our volunteers have expanded and deepened two existing watering holes and associated drainage in Rukinga wildlife sanctuary to support wildlife through extended periods of drought and discourage them from straying into neighbouring villages.

We are also engaged with another approach to reducing conflict between elephants and humans by protecting the crops of local farmers.

To date we have installed 250m of elephant deterrent fencing along a stretch of farmland neighbouring the sanctuary. This fencing helps to deter the elephants from wandering into the farmland and causing damage to the crops.

The fence is made from rope that’s impregnated with recycled engine oil and chilli peppers – something that’s unbearable for an animal with such a sensitive sense of smell.


Kindergarten, Borneo


The work on the kindergarten in Borneo is well underway with fencing and structures in place. The project is due for completion hopefully in 2017 when the floor has been resurfaced, doors and windows installed and two large gravity fed water systems are in place.

The new facility will make a massive difference not only to the families in desperate need of safe and appropriate childcare to enable them to return to work, but also to the young children and babies who will benefit from being cared for by childcare professionals within this new setting.


The full copy of the report is available here.


To enquire about or book one of our volunteering trips and helping to change the lives of some of the most vulnerable people in these communities, please request a brochure and one of the team will be in contact shortly.