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When I first heard about the expedition I felt as though it would be an amazing experience and it will give me a chance to get out and see the world whilst I can without it affecting work or school life. It would give me a good sense of independence just before I go off to university and it might make me become more comfortable around people I have never met before which can help me a lot in later life. As soon as I was told about it I knew that it was something I wanted to do and I was going to do it no matter what. My first real thought was the price, being £4,170 to go away for a month seemed like a lot of money but when it was put into perspective it didn’t seem that expensive considering what was included. As soon as I signed up for it I was absolutely buzzing, I couldn’t wait for the fundraising to start and for me to just get out to Peru!

The first thing I did to raise money was email some local companies to see if they will donate any money to help me get started, and I then received an email back from a small company called TQR who donated £400 to help me get started in raising the money. I got that idea from one of my football coaches who runs his own charity so he helped me get my first bit of money. I then though of hosting a local 6 a side football tournament. This came to mind whilst I was taking part in my local football league so after I did some research for times prices etc. I then phoned around to try and get some quotes for a location to host the tournament. Once that was done it was just about getting the teams and numbers. Unfortunately I didnt get the numbers that was needed to make a profit due to teams pulling out. But I still managed to raise money as I was hosting a lot of raffles for that day and they still went ahead and I got around £300 from them raffles put together. Whilst I was organising this event I was doing a lot of car boot sales and raffles which helped raise a lot of money.14054497_689419487878659_2901363019543263034_o

I have also been working a lot with my dad and my uncle to help raise funds. I work with my dad when he has got some private work and I worked with my uncle over the summer holidays which got me over £1000 just in 6 months!! This is as well as selling a lot of bits and bobs people have given and still doing car boot sales which has helped me keep raising the money on a weekly basis. But Most recently I have hosted an entertainment evening which raised over £700 from one night. I had found a venue which would let me host it for free as well as donate a voucher to raffle worth £100!

This was a huge help as it meant there was all but no outlay which meant that everything was profit and it also attracted more people to do the raffle and silent auction as there was a £100 prize. There were 4-5 singers and bands there who all played for free and we had a quiz which went down extremely well. This was a huge success and it wasn’t too difficult to organise, the hardest part of it was to get the people there but I just kept putting the word out and letting people know about it and it worked.14500448_708940699259871_9045567148094472799_o

The next thing I am planning to do is host another entertainment night but with it being a more quiz/bingo based as the quiz went down better than some of the bands. Hopefully there will be more people there and it will give me a lot more profit and it will give me that final push over the line and will help me get most of my kit and vaccinations. I am looking towards getting most of my kit after the new year and looking into what else is needed as I have almost raised all of the funds needed for the trip itself.


I am looking forward to the trip so much, I cant stop thinking about the trip itself. I cant wait to see Machu Picchu as I have wanted to go there for years now and its a dream come true being able to go and visit there. I am also looking forward to meeting new people and helping the people who have less than me in Peru. I have always wanted to do some good for others and this may be one of the best ways to do so. I am also nervous about leaving my family and going to the other side of the world without them, its a daunting thought but it will be possibly the best experience ever so hopefully it will be well worth it.

If I had any advice for others who are fundraising, I would say to just keep going no matter what, there will be upsets and people who don’t think you can do it but you just gotta prove them wrong! You need to stay positive and try to think of more and more ways of getting that money and getting to Peru, remember the goal is for everyone to get there, its not a competition of who can get the money fastest so work with others around you so you could get a lot more money.


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Peace Out!

Meg 😀