Do you start every new year full of excitement and optimism for what you can achieve in the next 12 months?

Would you like to make a resolution that can change your and other people’s futures for the better, forever?

Did you know that travelling is one of the best ways to demonstrate your skills and prove the capabilities you have to future employers? It can also help to build your confidence, gain a better understanding of your true capabilities and open your eyes to the amazing world in which we live.

A trip with Camps can help you step outside you comfort zone, become more independent, show your dedication and commitment to a plan you have made, fundraise or create a budget to secure or raise the funds for your trip, demonstrate your problem solving and negotiation skills, show you aren’t afraid of change and help to bring about change for those less fortunate.

Just one trip can offer you all of this and so much more.

You’ll take in breath-taking sights of some of the most amazing countries on our planet. Explore your surroundings and take on an adventure to tick off your bucket list. Meet incredible people and get your hands dirty working on life-changing projects.


You could help to bring water into a community who currently do not have access to clean, running water.

You could help to build a classroom for children who currently learn in very cramped conditions.



You could build houses for families living in unsafe and unsuitable accommodation.

You could support micro-enterprise to bring financial opportunities and security to people who would otherwise have no option to earn a living.

You could protect valuable habitats and combat deforestation by planting hundreds of native trees.

You could install fencing to protect elephants from causing conflict with local farmers, saving them and vitally needed crops.


In essence, you could help to change lives for the better, forever.

You’ll change your life too. Our volunteers tell us we offer an experience unlike any other. They come home from their travels changed by their experiences, with many returning or going on other adventures in subsequent years.

The photos you take will capture moments that will stay with you for a lifetime. The sights, sounds, smells, experiences and opportunities.

Make 2017 the year you decide to achieve your dreams, explore the world and make a real difference.

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