Hey guys, happy Friday! Here are some fab students that have got off to a fab start raising their deposits, short but sweet, here they are to give a brief overview of how they have kicked off their fundraising brilliantly! Have a read folks….

Rhianne –

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First of all my mum and I set up a gofundme page to make it easier for anyone who wants to donate. We then decided to arrange my first fundraising event. I decided to do a 9.5 mile walk up some local hills. However on the day of the walk the weather was not kind to us.. In fact the winds were so high that it became too dangerous for us to continue. So when we had nearly reached the top we had to make the difficult decision to stop and come back down. We did manage to do 6 of the 9.5 miles and have decided to rearrange another day when the weather his better to do the whole 9.5 miles.20170226_140110

The support I have from from family and friends has been amazing and it is because of this support that I have managed to raise my deposit. I managed to raise £485 before starting the walk and because I didn’t let the weather put me off attempting the walk either this amount has now risen to £505 in my gofundme and some extra that has been donated straight into my bank account. So not only have I managed to raise my deposit but I also have my next instalment too.

I hope the support I have remains the same and hopefully I can gain more as I have plenty more fundraising ideas up my sleeve.

Thank you Rhianne, you are off to a truly awesome start! 

Paris – Unknown

So far company donations are for spaces on my tshirt:
£1000, £150, £100 and £200. On Valentine’s Day I sold roses at an event and made £80. And so far about £500 in personal donations. I also have 5 events booked in , two of which are ticketed throughout the coming year. The two ticketed events I am running with my friend Louis, and if all tickets are sold it should bring us in £750 each plus money from the raffle of which I have collected 40 items so far; including overnight stays and weekends away, I have also managed to get in excess of 300 items for our tombolas with a twist!

Amazing work, well done Paris, keep up the good work! 

As ever, PLEASE send us your fundraising experiences, it makes us smile when we get to read your stories.

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Stay Groovy!

Meg 😀