Check out Conor, he has raised LOADS! In just one event he raised over 2k! Have a read through Conor’s fundraising journey and be inspired, take a leaf out of his book and get cracking! Well done Conor, fab job.

When I first heard about the expedition I thought it looked like an amazing opportunity and I have always wanted to go to that part of the world where Cambodia is and when I saw the activities I would be doing there and the people I would meet I wanted to go straight away! To raise my first amount, I did some small things like collecting £2 coins myself and also asking all my relatives to do the same and then they gave them to me at Christmas time. Overall, I made around £300. Also, I did a big painting for my auntie which she paid me £150 for!

Although, after these small fundraisers, I was struggling to come up with ideas and didn’t raise any money for a few months. Then, myself and the teacher that is taking our school to Cambodia decided that I should do a variety show night in my local hall on the 4th March. So, after deciding to do this I started looking for acts that I could have in it. I started messaging lots of local people like singers, dancers and a magician. I am an Irish dancer myself, which was good, as I was able to be an act myself along with some of my friends who Irish dance. Thankfully, the magician and singers agreed to perform which meant we had our acts ready for the show!

After this, I made a poster with the help of a boy in my school, that I used to advertise the event in all the local shops and businesses. I also made a Facebook page where I invited all my friends and family on and told them all about the show and what I will be doing in Cambodia. I then got tickets printed and put into a local shop that kindly agreed to sell them. Along, with an article in my local newspaper and I also did a presentation in my primary, telling the children about my expedition and to get them to come along to my show.


As well as this, I thought it would be a good idea to have a raffle at my show, so I rang up and went into local shops and asked if they would donate any raffle prizes, and I received things like bottles of wine, Easter eggs, a manicure voucher and a massage voucher etc, all for free! It’s amazing what you can get if you just ask. The local spar also donated 150 packets of crisps and 150 bottles of water for the interval!


The show required a lot of planning but it was all worth it as the hall was full and it was a great evening and altogether I made £2150! So, altogether with my previous small fundraisers I have £3150. I am very pleased with my fundraising so far and we are doing a big raffle in our school which should get me a bit more money.

At the beginning, I thought I would never raise the amount but it isn’t so hard if you have a big fundraiser, that suits you and will bring in a lot of money.

Thank you Conor!

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