Are you looking for something amazing, inspiring and life-changing to do with your summer holiday? Join us for a few weeks on one of our incredible volunteer programmes and help make a real difference to rural communities in Asia, Africa and South America. Our 2 and 4 week programmes offer you the perfect opportunity to get a true taste of local culture whilst making a positive and lasting impact.


Don’t underestimate how much of a difference you can make in just a few short weeks. Whether you join at the start, middle or end of a project, you will play an important part in creating lasting change within communities who are in real need of support. You might lay the first foundations for a new community centre in Borneo, or apply the final lick of paint to a school library in Peru – whichever of our programmes you join, you’ll be working on projects that really matter to the local people and you can be assured that every single project we start we finish, without compromise.


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Our shorter programmes are designed to give you the opportunity to make the maximum impact and the jam-packed itinerary will mean you’ll really get the most out of your time. You’ll be met at the airport by one of our lovely Camps staff who will transport you to one of our unique and beautiful rural camps where you’ll be based. Whether you fancy the laid-back island life of our Borneo Island programme, or living in the depths of the rainforest in our Ecuador Amazon trip, we’ve got a camp to suit you. We are permanently based in all our locations and fully integrated in the community, working in partnership with local people to develop sustainable projects that meet the real needs of the community and continue to benefit people for years to come.


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On a 2 week programme, you’ll spend 8-10 days getting stuck into project work, which could involve building a house for vulnerable families, constructing a new school classroom for hundreds of local children, or establishing a tree nursery to tackle problems of deforestation. After your days spent hard at work on the project site, the camp is the perfect place to hang out and relax in the evening. Sit round the campfire practicing some new language skills with our local camps staff or challenge your teammates to a game of volleyball.




In between project work days, you’ll get the chance to explore some of the amazing country and learn more about the local culture. In Camp Tsavo, Kenya, the inspiring Mamas of the local village will teach you all about African society and show you how to make some of their traditional bead crafts. If you’re staying in our Peruvian Camp Titicaca, you’ll get to discover the fascinating and vibrant culture of the community of Isla Taquille who live on the floating islands of Lake Titicaca.


If you’ve got a bit more time to spare, a 4 week trip will give you the opportunity to live within 2 different communities, gaining an even deeper understanding of the country and getting involved in some more varied projects from conservation work to community initiatives. Of course you’ll also have a few more rest and relaxation days too so you can chill out and soak up the local culture at your own pace.


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You’ll split your time equally between 2 of our camps, which could take you from mountains to rainforests or paddy fields to wildlife reserves, giving you the chance to see some truly stunning and diverse landscapes and learn more about the different needs of rural areas as you work alongside them to help tackle some of the problems they face.


Knowing that you’ve spent your holidays helping to achieve such important work will be incredibly rewarding, and will certainly give you a lot more satisfaction, pride and sense of purpose. Trust us when we say there is no better feeling than knowing you’ve helped to improve someone’s future and transform their world.


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You might be looking for an awesome opportunity to help make a difference in your holiday between uni or college, or want to travel and boost your skills and CV before starting work. Maybe you’re working at the moment and want to use your holiday this year to do something different and truly worthwhile. Taking the opportunity to volunteer abroad for a few weeks will give you a whole new perspective, opening your eyes to the wider world and giving you a fresh outlook on life. We can guarantee you’ll return home with the best stories to tell.


We still have places available on our programmes this summer. Click here to view our full range of trips and book your place online today with just a 10% deposit.