Check out Elise, she has really got stuck in with her fundraising and is a perfect example of finding alternative ways when the first attempt doesnt go as planned! Have a read through and be inspired just like Elise has….

When I first heard about the expedition to Peru, I immediately knew it was something I had to do. I have always wanted to do volunteer work in another country, and therefore this was the perfect opportunity for me to do it. I was really excited, and my mind was almost completely made up that I wanted to go on this trip. When we got to the information evening, however, I started getting a few small doubts in my mind.Firstly, I realised that 4 weeks was a really long time away from home, and I wondered if I would be able to go without seeing my family that long. Secondly, I was worried that I didn’t know many people going on the trip, and therefore if I would enjoy it. However, I soon decided that I had to overcome obstacles and this would really help me develop as a person. Furthermore, the things that I would be doing would all be for the greater good, and I realised I may never get an opportunity like this again. The night after our information evening, I immediately signed up.

To raise my first amount, I (like many others) requested company sponsorship. As soon as I heard the idea, I immediately rushed to do it, as I knew the longer I left it, the more likely the companies would be taken. I started by sending off 50 letters (which my mum helped me to write). I requested for £100-£200 per company, depending on how big a business they were. I contacted many of the big chains in my area, as I thought this would be the most successful. I was really excited and couldn’t wait to get some replies.
However, I did not hear many replies at all within the first few weeks of writing. It seemed like everyone was ignoring me, and I felt really downhearted. Finally, when the replies did come in, all they seemed to be were apologies that they couldn’t help me. All the big companies said they were supporting many big charities, and couldn’t help all the small cases that requested money from them.Unknown-4


After getting at least 10 no’s, I decided I was contacting the wrong types of people. Therefore, I went for the smaller businesses side. I contacted anyone who I saw an advertisement for outside houses near me, in local magazines and off websites. I eventually ended up writing to around 150 people!
The replies quickly came back and, although I wasn’t asking for as much, I soon started getting quite a few cheques from businesses, some of which were more than I had asked for. Although I still get quite a few rejections and no replies, it is worth it for the £1300 I have managed to raise from these sponsorships alone. My advice is to just keep going, as you will eventually get success in what you do.

I have done two fundraising events in the last month. My school decided to do some joint events so that we could bond with other students going on the trip, as well as fundraising. Our first joint event was an Easter fair. Unfortunately, we organised it very last minute and therefore didn’t advertise as well as we could have. However, when the day came it was beautiful, and we had a pretty decent turnout. I ran an Easter egg tombola stall, which immediately became VERY popular. As you can see in the picture, I got rid of most of my eggs within the first 20 minutes! Overall, we managed to raise £1423 together, a great start into the teamwork we would be needing lots of. We split this money evenly between us.Unknown

Secondly, I did a car boot sale. I had LOADS of stuff to get rid of, and therefore was selling my things really cheap so as to shift a lot of it. Luckily for me, this time it was organised by my local Rotary, so I didn’t have to worry too much about promoting the event as a whole.



The day went very well, although I did have my doubts at the start and we nearly had to pack away only 1 hour into the sale, as the weather was awful and everything on my stall was getting really wet and ruined. Fortunately, the weather improved, and soon the sun came out and dried all of my things off. There were loads of sellers at the car boot sale, and therefore the turnout was amazing! What’s more, I had a really good time talking about my trip to some of the people walking around, and got quite a few donations because of it. In the end, I managed to raise £83, which may not seem like a lot of money, but every little amount gets me closer to my target, so it’s definitely worth doing the smaller event

I still have many things for a car boot sale, which is just as well, as we are having another joint event at school on July 8th, which will this time be a car boot sale. Furthermore, I have a sale to do at my Nana’s village festival, where I will also be running a tombola made up of all the generous donations people have me for my car boot sale which are new.


I am also planning to set up an odd jobs business, where I can do things like cleaning, lawn mowing, dog walking and car washing (I got this idea from one of the Camps International webinars!)

I would also like to do a raffle or silent auction, where I will request prizes off of companies near me that may be able to give me some really good ones.
I would like to be able to do a large event, like some of the other ones I have seen on Friday fundraising stars, as even if it does take a lot of planning, it will definitely be worth it. I haven’t decided on exactly what this will be, but I still have plenty of time to prepare for it.


Well done Elise! 

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