This week is national afternoon tea week, and what better way to fundraise than tempt people with some yummy afternoon tea.

Daisy our work experience volunteer has very kindly come up with some fantastic ideas on how to incorporate an afternoon tea into your fundraising plans. Over to you Daisy.

We all love an afternoon tea so I thought it was only fitting to suggest some amazing afternoon tea inspired fundraising ideas, to help you all achieve your fundraising target.

An afternoon tea event

You could hold it at your school, college, local community centre… pretty much anywhere that would allow you to hire out a room, free of charge is best as it enables you to keep the cost of the event as low as possible, and you can come out with a great profit.

You could set an entry price to enter the event and serve a delicious afternoon tea to everyone that attends, (that’ll be sure to attract a fair few hungry people).
Make some cool posters and stick them up around your town to spread the word and get people talking.

afternoon tea 1

The best scone competition

For those of you that are on a bit more of a budget, why not hold a ‘best scone’ contest. People could make a donation to enter themselves in the contest and everyone can vote for who they think will have the winning scones.

Bake a giant scone

If you’re not into big events and aren’t great at planning, why not do something for your close friends and family. You could buy/make a giant scone and everyone then has to have a guess at how many small scones your giant scone is equivalent to.

afternoon tea 3

If you want to get even more people involved why not take it round to all your neighbours and give them a chance to guess, this way you’re getting more money but not having to host any big event.

For a great easy recipe why not try this one you can make it as big as you like, just adjust the recipe.

A scone stall / fair

Another great idea is if there are any school fairs coming up you could run a stall at one of those. Either simply selling scones, cakes and other afternoon tea snacks, or you could buy a bunch of cheap plain tea cups and let the kids decorate them and then take them home.

Having a stall at a fair is a great idea that you can make your own, as there are loads of cool unique ideas you can do to attract a whole range of people. If you want something on a bigger scale, why not make your own fair themed around afternoon tea. You could have as many stalls as you like – the possibilities are endless!

afternoon tea 2

Again, like the other events, make yourself some cool posters that stand out so as many people as possible hear about your amazing event and you get the best turn out possible.

I hope you all have loads of fun raising as much money as you can, and I hope my ideas have really helped you out.