Are you looking to do something incredible with your summer break? Something that’s going to give you an unforgettable adventure and form a valuable building block towards your future?

Our university volunteering trip Changing Futures offers an incredible opportunity to gain a unique cultural experience unlike any other, whilst working to transform the lives of children in Peru for generations to come.


Why Peru?

Education is a major issue in Peru, particularly in remote communities. 1 in 3 Peruvian children under 15 are employed rather than in education, due to economic pressures and lack of adequate facilities and teaching resources.


Working in partnership with local communities, we are aiming to expand and improve school infrastructure – building classrooms, playgrounds, toilet blocks, dining rooms and teachers’ accommodation. These vital school facilities enable more children to access school everyday and provide a safe and suitable learning environment, giving them the important foundations to realise their potential and inspire their ambitions.




The impact of improved schools and educational opportunities not only directly benefits the individual children – it also helps to develop society as a whole. Research shows that each additional year a country manages to keep its children in school can reduce that country’s poverty rate by 9%, leading to a transformation in society and the national economy (Unicef, 2016). In Peru, where 54% of communities live beneath the poverty line, it’s easy to see how valuable this impact could be.


How you can help

We are looking for motivated students and recent graduates to join our team of amazing student volunteers next summer. You’ll spend 3 weeks in Peru, splitting your time between school improvement programmes in 2 different communities, which will involve a varied range of tasks. You could be laying the foundations for a teachers’ accommodation block, painting educational murals on the classroom walls or helping out in homework club at the end of the day.

You’ll be part of a group of like-minded volunteers from universities all over the country, all working together to make a real impact and have an amazing adventure at the same time.




Whether you travel with other friends from your uni, or embark on the journey solo, you’ll be guaranteed to make firm friends from day 1. You’ll bond over the amazing experiences you’ll have together – from mucking in on projects to learning traditional Peruvian dancing with your camp hosts, or trying your first local delicacy together (Cuy Dorado, or guinea pig, is a local favourite to try if you’re feeling brave).

You don’t need any specific skills to join us – just a willingness to get stuck in, work hard, and make the most of every minute.




Time to explore

After all your hard work, there will be plenty of time to explore this fascinating country. Spend time soaking up the culture and exploring the markets in the vibrant city of Cusco, relaxing on the shores of the vast Lake Titicaca and experiencing the peaceful space and remoteness of the Andean mountains.

Of course, a trip to Peru wouldn’t be complete without exploring the famous site of Machu Picchu. You’ll round off your trip with a spectacular train journey through the Andes to visit the remarkable Inca ruins – a once-in-a-lifetime experience to tick off your bucket list.




Transform your future too

Embarking on an overseas volunteering trip whilst at uni not only benefits the people you are working to support – it’s also a valuable addition to your CV and a chance to gain some unique real-world experience before you hit the job market.

Studies have shown that spending time abroad during your degree helps to increase your chances of employability after graduation (Gone International, Universities UK, 2017). You’ll develop a whole range of desirable skills such as inter-cultural communication, flexibility and teamwork, as well as gaining a huge confidence boost as you step outside your comfort zone and challenge yourself.

The experiences you’ll have in Peru will stay with you long after you leave university. As Katy, one of our student volunteers from Cardiff Uni, told us – “the trip won’t be like anything you’ve ever done before – you’ll appreciate the little things in life, you’ll love the journey, you’ll make memories worth sharing with your kids and grandkids, and friendships that will last a lifetime”.





If you’d like to join our team next year and embark upon a summer you’ll never forget, click here to request a brochure and get started on your adventure today.