At Camps, we believe strongly in the power of sport to unite and inspire young people and play a key role in developing valuable life skills.

For this reason, we are very proud to have joined forces with Kings’ School Al Barsha this year to sponsor the British Schools of the Middle East (BSME) Under-11 Games. This big multi-sport tournament kicks off this week, with 15 schools competing in a diverse range of sporting events including football, netball, basketball, athletics and swimming.

We hope our support of the games will help to raise awareness among students in the UAE and further afield about the importance of creating long-term sustainable change in communities, the environment and wildlife.




At the heart of our organisation is the desire to connect young people around the world and work together towards a common goal: to tackle global problems on a local scale, working closely with local communities to provide much-needed support.

With this in mind, we are running a special initiative throughout the games to provide 1,000 footballs for under-funded schools in rural Africa and Asia, bring the many benefits of sports education to more young people.

In this sense, all students, parents, teachers and supporters of the BSME Games will not only be supporting sport within the Middle East, but helping to expand its positive impact in the rural communities we work with across the globe.



We are also providing some unique and exciting awards for the Games using environmentally-friendly methods and materials.

The trophies have been created from repurposed flip-flops collected by our volunteers during beach clean-ups and the presentation frames and trophy bases have been made from recycled wood salvaged from a shipwrecked Dhow that used to sail the trade routes between East Africa and Dubai.

The certificates are printed on sustainable elephant dung paper, produced by the local communities we work with in Kenya placing value on elephants which reduces poaching. All participants will also receive bracelets handmade by women in rural communities, helping to support their enterprising efforts.

By commissioning these items we employed 25 local artisans and this in turn impacts hundreds through the benefit to extended families and communities. These items are a celebration of the unique things that can be achieved with innovation, creativity and an unwavering commitment to sustainability.


Competitive sport provides an excellent platform to develop really valuable life skills such as effective teamwork and confident leadership. At Camps International, we understand the importance of encouraging students to focus on these abilities in addition to academic success, which is why we have developed our award-winning school expedition programmes.

Our volunteer trips offer students an incredible opportunity to further develop these life skills in a global context, helping them to grow in maturity and shape their worldview.




Since we set up our first camp in 2002, over 25,000 volunteers have travelled with us, completing more than 80,000 weeks of volunteering and helping to change the lives of over 105,000 people. We are committed to working in partnership with rural communities, creating local jobs and providing long-term support to help tackle the daily challenges they face.

To find out more about our life-enriching school expeditions, click here to get in touch with our friendly team and request a brochure.