This blog has a difference.  I have previously shared successful fundraising stories or what it was like to be on an expedition, but when Alex contacted us we wanted to share this with everyone.  Alex has discovered how his Camps International expedition has influenced his higher education and career choices – giving him a new interest and something that he wants to be involved in in his future.  Read on …

I’m Alex and in 2015 I first found out about Camps International.  At that point I was doing ok in school but had no idea about what I wanted to do after year 11.  I enjoyed fundraising with my group from school and when we did bag packs and people asked about why we were raising money it helped me with my confidence as I was dealing with all sorts of different people.  I also designed and made Christmas decorations from upcycled materials which fitted in with the ethos of ‘Ethical Journeys’ I sold these locally with a message about my fundraising.

My visit to Peru in 2016 was an amazing experience.  I enjoyed working with the Peruvian people on the physical tasks – they knew what needed to be done and were able to show us how to do each task.  I was in awe of how hard the local people worked alongside us.  I felt that what we were doing was worthwhile and would really benefit the local communities.

What inspired me towards a future career was the huge and diverse ecology of the country; the reed islands at Lake Titicaca and the handmade products, the chocolate we were able to make from locally grown cocoa, to the sites of Machu Pichu and the sacred valley near Camp Moray but most importantly the people I met.

I want to work in a science-based environment, and whilst doing A levels I have completed an Extended Project Qualification based on how the ‘Ecology of Peru is influenced by Tourism’.  I think it’s the ongoing influence of what I saw during my time in Peru that has helped me make a choice of study at University.  I am going to study Environmental Science and hope that in the future I will be able to work with a company like Camps International in order to make a real difference to the communities they work alongside.  The Camps Effect is not just a month in another country it helps to change your future perspective.  P1000409