Have you always wanted to volunteer and make a difference overseas but haven’t known how to make it happen?

Perhaps you’re considering your next steps after school or university and are looking for an opportunity to do something that’s both meaningful and exciting?

Or maybe you want to gain some real-world experience in humanitarian or environmental work? Do you want to get stuck in to projects where you can directly see the impact you can make?

If this sounds like you, then this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

We are offering 50 Camps Changemaker Scholarships worth up to £560 for passionate future volunteers who want to develop themselves whilst making a global impact.

This substantial discount from your programme fees will help you on your way to an incredible adventure overseas.




What will I be doing?

You can use your scholarship towards any of our volunteer programmes of 1 month or more. Choose from any of our incredible destinations – Kenya, Borneo, Cambodia, Peru, Ecuador and Costa Rica – or embark on one of our longer programmes where you’ll get to make an impact in multiple countries.

You’ll stay in our rustic camps located in the heart of rural communities, where you’ll work alongside your fellow volunteers and local people on sustainable community, wildlife and environmental projects.

Depending on your project location, you could be helping to build classrooms to improve children’s access to education, working on anti-poaching initiatives to protect wildlife or replanting native seedlings in the jungle to reforest important habitats and much more.

In between project work, you’ll also have plenty of opportunity to explore your host country, experience a true taste of local culture and embark on some once-in-a-lifetime adventures such as trekking to Machu Picchu or going on safari.



How will I make an impact?

Whichever one of our programmes you choose to join, you’ll be playing a key role in contributing to projects that change lives.

At Camps, we develop all our projects in partnership with local communities with whom we have long-standing relationships. This means you can be assured that everything you do will truly benefit the people who need it most.

Our project report demonstrates just how much impact our volunteers have made over the last 16 years – your work will help us continue this.




Who can apply?

Whether you’ve volunteered many times before or are looking for your first opportunity to get involved in volunteer projects, it’s your motivation rather than your experience that really matters.

Why? Because we strongly believe in the power of active citizens to drive global change. We want to empower young people with a passion for making change to see what can be achieved when passion turns to action.

If you have energy, drive and integrity and you really care about making a positive contribution to the world around you, then you’re exactly the person we’re looking for.




How will it benefit me?

Aside from travelling to some spectacular locations and discovering a fascinating new culture, there’s other benefits to being a Camps Changemaker Scholar too.

It’s a valuable addition to your CV which shows future employers or university admissions teams that you have the energy and ambition to go after your goals and dedicate your time to making a difference.

It’s also a fantastic opportunity for your own personal development. Volunteering abroad gives you a unique perspective on life and the opportunity to discover yourself away from your familiar surroundings and routines.

By challenging yourself, you’ll gain a greater understanding not only of your skills and abilities but of what matters most to you as a person.


How do I apply?

Fill out our short online application form (it only takes about 2 minutes) and tell us in no more than 100 words ‘what motivates you to volunteer abroad?’

One of our friendly team will be in touch to chat through your application and find which of our amazing programmes could be best suited to you.

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