Refreshments, selling logo space on a t-shirt and even a Gin tasting evening – Alex has cast her fundraising net far and wide with a huge variety of fundraising ideas! 

I was sceptical when I first heard about the expedition; not knowing what to expect, being away from home for a month and travelling to the unknown. However the more I researched into it, the more it became something I wanted to take part in. I questioned whether I was brave enough to do it, but I knew seeing all the pictures of people out there would make me jealous if I didn’t, so I signed myself up to the challenge.

I raised my first sum of money by selling refreshments and doing a raffle at my dance School’s talent show. As everyone there knew me it was a good way to get started as people gave a few pounds in return for a cake or drink. I raised £50 at this event to kickstart my fundraising. At the same time as this I was sending letters to local businesses and companies explaining the purpose of my trip and asking if they were willing to sponsor me and there logo would take pride of place on my camps t-shirt. I managed to get 4 sponsors and the t-shirts printed for free in place of their logo on the t-shirt. This manages to bag £1750. It was a great way to start.041575ce-095a-4016-8c89-7c4e4eb33c74

In April I hosted a gin tasting evening in which my parents advertised it to there friends and family also came along. It cost £20 a ticket and this included 5 tasters and refreshments. On the night I also held a raffle which brought in another lot of money. The profit was then put towards my fundraising. The evening raised £400 alone.d03dfe92-6fc2-4d28-b36a-1e67e25debb8
I also held a cake/sweet sale at a local cricket club on a busy Friday night as these are proving popular and brought in £36.

Following the success of the Gin Evening I plan to host a similar event near Christmas in the hopes of drawing in a bigger crowd and raising more money for my expedition. I am also a young leader at Rainbows so I will be planning my own evening on which we will do cake decorating and crafts on the expedition theme. I will be holiding a big autumn raffle in which I have contacted companies to obtain good raffle prizes such as a Pandora bracelet. To this date I have raised £2678 and I am excited to complete my fundraising goal.32281e0e-a8a8-409f-9567-356842355815

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