Access to proper healthcare is often limited or non-existent for most people living in the rural parts of Kenya. Though the government is striving to improve some medical facilities, many people living in impoverished communities continue to suffer from diseases that could easily have been prevented.

For the people of impoverished communities such as Msambweni, there is scarce opportunity to receive medical treatment, meaning that even minor ailments can become chronic and debilitating. For the past 7 years, Camps International have been working to change this, through introducing a free pop-up clinic run by dedicated volunteer medical staff twice a year.


pic 3

Volunteer nurses help the local community during our March 2018 Healthcare Outreach programme

Among the varied medical issues treated at the clinic, loss of sight is a common problem. During our March 2018 Healthcare Outreach programme over 200 patients were diagnosed with eye problems including Dacryocystitis, Conjunctivitis and Ketatitis.

Our volunteers provided treatment and donated over 350 reading and prescribed glasses which transformed the lives of those who had been struggling for many years with poor eyesight.


pic 5

Patients benefiting from prescribed glasses following their eye check up

Some patients had lost their sight altogether, through blindness brought on by cataract diseases, considered by the majority of eye specialists to be the main cause of blindness in the world. The only way to treat cataracts is through a procedure which costs about $100 per eye. With most people in rural villages living on around $1 a day, this life-changing treatment is completely out of their reach.

5 patients who visited our clinic in March were diagnosed with cataracts and desperately needed surgery to revive their eyesight. They had been completely blind for years with no hope of seeing again. Their families suffered with hunger as most of these patients were still the bread winners for their families.

Thanks to the extremely generous donations of £4,000 from our volunteer nurses, we were able to provide treatment for these patients. Funds were used to cover their transport to hospital, meals and accommodation throughout their recovery and the surgery procedure itself.

pic 8

Smiling faces following successful cataract surgery

It is hard to express just how transformative this surgery has been, not only for the patients themselves but for their families who they are now able to support again. It’s given them the chance to regain their life, become active in their community once more and restore their happiness and hope.

These are just some of the many people in Msambweni and beyond who could work but have been unable to due to preventable illnesses. Access to free healthcare does not only change the individual patients’ lives when they return to work, it helps whole communities rise out of poverty.



Getting back to daily duties following the treatment

It is thanks to the generosity and commitment of our volunteer nurses and medical staff that we are able to make such a huge impact. Each year we are so inspired by our teams who dedicate their time and skills to help those most in need.

We are looking for more amazing medical professionals to join our team in Kenya this November. We have roles available for Nurses, Doctors, Eye Specialists, Skin Specialists, Physiotherapists, Sexual Health Nurses, Dentists, Nutritionists and many more. Read more about our Healthcare Outreach Programme here.

If you, or anyone you know, would be interested in joining our team, please get in touch with us with us today. Together we can make a difference.