Amelia is proof that a little planning means that you can start fundraising almost as soon as you have decided to join an expedition! This is short and sweet but a key idea to kick off your fundraising!

When I first heard about the trip my initial thought was that I had to take part. With the dream of becoming a conservationist I knew that taking this amazing opportunity was a no brainer, as a project linked to conservation on my CV will help expand both my knowledge and chances of taking the right path towards my conservation career.

To start fundraising me and my friend held a bric a brac sale at family fun day in Exminster. This first opportunity came within a week and sure enough we both managed to get loads of things to sell (3 cars full!) We also managed to borrow a gazebo from a workmate. However the weather changed for the worse on that day and 26 degree heat turned into gale force winds and heavy rain.img-20180730-wa0001

Starting the fund raising journey with this one event, although the weather meant that there was hardly any foot flow, me and my friend Catherine Fuller raised a total of £194.

Next I am planning on doing a sponsored walk from Exminster to Dawlish with two of my friends who are also interested in going on this trip. I am also planning on helping a friend clear and tidy there house as they’re moving abroad.

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We are currently giving away a piece of kit as a thank you for sending in your fundraising blog!