We’ve heard of cake sales, car boot sales, craft sales and even pie sales…how about a SAMOSA SALE!!
Some great organisation and innovation has made this a bi-weekly occurance at this school…..have a read!

When I first heard about this I was so excited (I STILL AM)!- all I can think of to this day, is the experience I’m going to get off this trip that most are missing out on so it’s great!

Planning my first event wasn’t easy so I had my friends to help- I cant thank them enough! We did leg waxing within the first month of fundraising and raised £200. I do teacher car washes every Thursday and make profits of £120 per month- with the help of my best friends! 16145582-6263-4d7f-b433-dd66aacb1c84

And I also do ALOT of samosa sales every other week in school, (during and after) which make a profit of £100+ for every sale- which is makes an average £230 on a good month!



Surprisingly I’ve raise £2,180 and I’ve got 6 months left to go! Which is great for me :) I raised most of it from fundraising and the rest from my job! It’s not easy raising the funds myself which is why it’s good I get donations from both friends and family.

Next I am planning a New Years party – charging entry to get in, and from my calculations and people showing interest in coming to the event, it should make £500! It won’t get me to the final amount but it’s going to get me one step closer! All I could hope is that we get to it sooner rather than later! *Fingers crossed*

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