Working as a group of 3 friends, these girls have managed to achieve some great successes with their fundraising! Sweets, jobs and even 100 Paddington bears are helping them achieve their goal! 

When we first heard about the trip we were excited about the opportunity given to us, we were a bit nervious as we knew it will be a challenge, however we know that we needed to stay motivated and raise the money needed, in the most exciting way possible, to get to Peru and enjoy the experience out there. We were daunted about having to raise all that money, which is why we decided to work together as a team of 3. It’s been easier as a team with the support of all of our parents and raising the money hasn’t been as difficult as we thought. People are really happy to support us.networking-event

Our first idea was to go to a local table top sale and sell old items from around the house. We soon realised that this wasn’t the best way for us to raise money, we had no fun and it was not successful, as we targeted the wrong audience with the wrong method for us. From here we realised we needed to rethink our plan to raise money in the most imaginative way possible. We decided to plan our events to synchronise with the seasons.outside-toy-shop

Our next idea was to target all audiences, we thought what better way than sweets! So we went to the wholesalers and bought a variety of sweets, to put together hundreds of sweet cones that we sold at local events such as; festivals, local runs, summer fetes and on the highstreet during carnival day. This worked better than selling old items and we raised much more money and had lot more fun making and sellling the sweets. For our next idea we thought we could plan our own event; we organised a jazz and afternoon tea event at a local pub, this was a challenge but turned out to be very successful. So many people baked for us and local businesses donated food and drink. Hundreds of people bought tickets and it was a lovely afternoon that everyone enjoyed. Our most successful event yet, we raised approximately £1,500 that we split between the three of us.

Over the Summer holidays we all got a holiday job together, where we earned £400 each, we have also delivered leaflets for local businesses to help us earn even more money.

After this we pitched our fundraising ideas to local businesses at a networking event, this coincided with our group being donated 100 Paddington Bears. Our reasons for pitching to local businesses was to try and get more sponsorship as well as seeking advice and ideas for further fundraising opportunities. newspaper-articleOn the way to the event, we came up with the idea of a passport to Peru to send Paddington home. We decided to ask local companies to sponsor a bear which we will then take to Peru. All 100 Paddingtons will be taken to Peru and given to local children during our trip. Paddington has really captured people’s imagination and companies are very happy to get involved as it also gives them a nice story for their marketing purposes.paddington

We were also donated two special addition, 60th anniversary Paddington Bears, we have raffled one of these already which raised £400. We plan to raffle the other at a future event.

Next, we have organised a Santa Dash for the beginning of December. Participants pay a fee to run 2.5k dressed as Santa, everyone who runs will receive a medal. Entry fee covers expenses and makes £6 profit per entry, we have 100 spaces so are aiming to fill all of these.

Thanks girls – I hope your Santa Dash was a success!

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