Callum has got off to a great start with his fundraising.  Getting involved with some local groups amongst his community is really benefitting him – take a read!

When I first heard about the expedition I was super excited. I am always looking for my next challenge and I had just finished a hike in the brecon beacons with my explorer unit when I heard about this at school. I was also doing my duke of Edinburgh at the time so things were very busy. I mentioned about Borneo to my parents and grandparents who were all very supportive (which actually shocked me a little). I was a little nervous about how I would fit in the fundraising seeing as life had been so busy, but I knew the things I was doing was coming to a close so it seemed like a good time to start a new challenge.

Initially I sent out sponsorship letters and applied for grants. I had 3 replies with one from our local organisation which was set up in memory of a young girl who passed away in our area.  The Foundation agreed to be my main sponsor giving me £300 and they came and presented me with a cheque in early November.  I applied to the Masons who agreed to give me £200, and to my local Rotary club where I went to the presentation evening and presented me with £300!rotary

I am currently planning 4 christmas concert events to be held at my grandparents house who turn their garden into a Christmas wonderland at Christmas filled with lots of lights and displays. I have various confectionary to sell and I will be playing christmas songs on my

I have also been selling sweets to my local beaver, cubs and scout group and have raised just over £100 from this  I have also set up a JustGiving page which people have pledged in to, and in total I have raised £980. I have also received the Jack Petchy award this month from my scout group but unfortunately that cannot be used towards my funding.

karis-may-darling-awardI have had offers from a local spiritualist to run a night with her and my school is keen for me to organise a band night. I will continue to sell the sweets over the next year and plan to team up with a few others going to do some group fundraising next year.

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