Lorna and Boo, sisters who have 6 years between them, both took part in Camp’s projects during their A-levels.   Lorna travelled in 2012 and Boo was abroad in the summer of 2018 – they got in touch once Boo had returned to tell us their story…

Back in 2012 I took part in a Camps International expedition to Tanzania with my school. The time I spent in Africa is filled with the most challenging, exciting and inspiring memories I have. Over the four weeks we helped local communities both for the people there and the wildlife. 3The trip is one I will not forget! We also had the opportunity to earn our PADI (scuba diving) certificates, so whilst we worked hard, we importantly also had some time for ourselves. Picture1In the lead up to the trip, with the help of my family, I tried lots of different fundraising efforts from packing shopping bags to an abseil down my local church.1

After hearing all about my sisters’ adventures I was very keen to get involved when I was offered the same opportunity six years later. As Lorna had already been through the fundraising process it was helpful having her there to give me all the advice on how to go about it. Despite this, I did want to outdo her… so I did a skydive! This large event massively helped me with my fundraising, as I was really facing my fears.7

Over the summer I spent four weeks in Africa, in both Kenya and Tanzania, which has been the most incredible and life changing time of my life. My trip was relatively similar to my sisters as we spent time working with both the local communities and wildlife; this was very eye opening and rewarding being able to see the difference we were making. 8However, the most challenging part of my trip was my climb up Kilimanjaro. The week I spent on Kilimanjaro wasn’t only physically challenging but mentally, but as a group we all managed to encourage and support each other as we had created such a great bond. I think I speak on behalf of us all when I say the feelings we felt when we reached the summit can not be put in to words; each of us were so proud of ourselves and everyone in our team, who all gave their 100% and more into the trek. I would encourage anyone to take the opportunity of a Camps trip as I have learnt so much and I definitely never thought I would be able to say I have climbed Kilimanjaro at the age of 17!

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Lorna and Boo – a huge thanks from Camps for sending this in.  We love to hear fundraising stories as well as how you found your expedtion! If anyone else wants to share their experience with us, please email operations@campsinternational.co.uk and don’t forget to include some photos!  We will send you a little gift as a thank you :)