Euan and his friends faced a challenge when their venue cancelled on them 2 weeks before their event…..but they solved it completely and raised so much money!! It shows that a little bit of effort means that events can be highly profitable!

When I first heard about the expedition I felt very excited and knew immediately that this was something that I wanted to do, to help make a difference to people’s lives. My friend’s sister was part of a group who travelled to Kenya last year, and in talking to her I knew, that however difficult it might be, I wanted to be part of the Cambodia 2020 journey.

8ff10c2e-1094-4cda-87e0-6b204b6ab9bbTo raise my first amount we decided to do a coffee morning, mainly because we all love cake! The Sunday in between Christmas and New Year seemed like a good time to do it as everyone is still in eating mode, relaxed and there are always lots of people visiting family. My two friends (Matthew and Rian) are going to Cambodia too, so we decided to work together on the coffee morning as many hands make light work. Just two weeks before our planned date, the venue we had been intending to use, were no longer able to accommodate us and we had a bit of a panic. Not to be put off, we contacted some more local businesses and a seasonal coffee shop (who are normally closed in the winter) said we could use their cafe, it was the perfect location. Our mums and their friends baked some fantastic cakes and the day was a massive success raising us a whopping £1500!! We couldn’t believe it.ac197b74-288b-4eae-9773-91ca1de66af7

I have also had a family car wash which was great, my brothers and even my 2 year old cousin came on board to help, mum made a big pot of soup, cake and coffee, so everyone could relax while I was washing their car. This was great and we raised £125! I made a ‘half the pot’ and managed to make another £50 from this. It can be difficult to raise money as everyone has so many financial demands on them, but there are so many good people who are very generous and want to help make a difference.

We have a relay team booked in to do the Belfast marathon in May so we’ll all be fit as fiddles by the time that comes around. I’m hoping to get some sponsorship from friends, family and my parents’ colleagues maybe. When the summer arrives I’d like to organise another car wash at my local sports field, if I could organise this when there is a match on, it should be a successful event.



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