Now that you’ve had a chance to use our event planner from last month’s blog, you have an amazing event planned. Follow this guide to advertising your fundraising event like a pro and see how many people come along!

One – Get creative with promotional materials:

Create promotional material to advertise your event such as posters, flyers, bunting and banners. Include pictures (check out our social media pages) to catch people’s eyes as they pass by and make sure you include all the important information on there (date, time and location). Can you include some suspense or surprises to entice people into coming to your event such as competitions on the day or ‘and much more’ teasers? Include our official fundraising logo to give your event credibility. You can find a lot of these promotional materials on your Traveller Gateway.



Don’t forget to ask friends and family to spread the word in their workplaces, at local events or clubs and provide them with handouts. Could you set up a stall at your school or local supermarket with flyers, posters and bunting to advertise your event? Start advertising early and keep sending reminders as you go.

Two – Think social and spread the word:

Social media and word of mouth are really great ways to spread the word about your event. Make sure to advertise it online by creating a Facebook event and page, make a donation platform online, create a Twitter page and tweet about it, don’t forget to start a hashtag too. Try the latest features on social media; Facebook live videos and Instagram stories can help to grab people’s attention. Invite your closest friends to share and like your event first and then ask your friends to invite their friends too!



Three – Get online to share your story:

Think about making a website for your fundraising journey; this will be an amazing way to share your story and advertise your events. How are your writing skills? Could you also blog regularly to keep people engaged? Or, if you’re into vlogging, could you make a video to upload onto Youtube and share with everyone you know?

*Don’t forget you can use your vlog as part of your entry to our Fundraising Vlogging Competition to win 10% off your expedition costs

Four – Contact your local media to reach a bigger audience:

The final stage involves contacting your local media. You could contact your local radio stations and ask for a shout out or an interview. How about also contacting your local newspapers? To do this, you’ll want to write a press release but, don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as it sounds! For more information, log into your Traveller Gateway.

Make sure to tell people why you’re doing what you’re doing so they understand how much of a difference you’ll be making in parts of the world where it’s needed the most (you can find more information here).

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*Don’t forget to enter our vlogging competition for your chance to win 10% off your expedition costs (closing date 30th April 2019)! We’d also love to know how you’re getting on with your fundraising by applying to be a Fundraising Friday Star as well.